Geraldine Hickey —Things Are Going Well Review by Lyn Zelen

**** stars

The 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival wouldn’t be complete without Geraldine Hickey’s matter-of-fact comedic life observations.

Hickey’s light-hearted show at The Melba Spiegeltent gets you giggling as she leads us to believe “things are going well” or are they?

Her “birds-eye” view and lifestyle anecdotes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and cause intermittent bursts of laughter.

She encourages an open dialogue and banter with the audience then segues to her days as a University student and a tongue-in-cheek misunderstanding with authorities over her student payments and income for stand-up shows.

Geraldine Hickey was nominated for Most Outstanding Show at the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and knows how to keep the laughs coming. Her even-paced show covers a variety of relatable topics: mushroom hunting, a quirky quip on the postal vote for marriage equality, a Christmas road trip with her in-laws, a love for amusement parks and intimate knowledge of bird park shows.

Hickey is a clever comic combining one-liners with nonchalant facial expressions and see’s the cherry-on-top in every situation. She unfolds her humble family beginnings reiterating one particular Christmas, where she received a present from her sister—“a corn on the cob” wrapped up under the tree.

Most people have experienced a road trip somewhere, perhaps not as hilarious as Hickey’s. She recalls a recent trip travelling hundreds of kilometers from NSW (New South Wales) to Queensland in a crowded car with her wife, in-laws, a Weber barbeque, and a chainsaw.

Everyone has a childhood dream and Geraldine Hickey is no exception. She gives an amusing background story about her childhood fascination with amusement parks and a recent holiday in Los Angeles visiting Disneyland. Having spent the last moments of her trip on the Splash Mountain ride, she made a last minute dash to the airport, where the “very wet” and suspect Hickey was subjected to an embarrassing body search.

Her re-enactment of bird park shows is hysterical. You won’t find any spoilers here, though do pay attention to her “bird show classifications”, Bernice the buzzard, an antagonistic eagle, and the projection of credits and photos at the end of her show.

Geraldine Hickey’s keen eye for the obvious will have you cracking up over her escapades, and maybe a quiet reflective laugh at your life too.

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