Celebrating one of Australia’s most loved groups, Georgy Girl – The Seekers Musical will have its world premiere in  Melbourne this December at Her Majesty’s Theatre. The musical will tell the remarkable story of legendary pop group The Seekers, the first Australian band to achieve international success.

Opening in Melbourne on Tuesday December 22, Georgy Girl – The Seekers Musical, features all their hit songs including ‘The Carnival is Over’, ‘I’ll Never Find Another You’, ‘Morningtown Ride’, ‘A World of Our Own’ and of course, the Oscar-nominated ‘Georgy Girl’. Classic songs enjoyed by generations of music lovers around the world, and particularly by Australians, for whom The Seekers are part of their musical DNA.

“We are absolutely delighted that the story and the music of the Seekers is being brought to the stage as a musical. The idea of a musical based on the story of our group was first raised over four years ago by someone very familiar to us – Patrick Edgeworth, the talented scriptwriter is Judith’s brother in-law, and knows our story well. He consulted with Graham Simpson, who has been part of our team for many years, and wrote Judith’s life story in his best-selling book ‘The Judith Durham Story – Colours of My Life’.

“In August 2014, Richard East and Dennis Smith asked us to be part of an invited industry audience at a workshop presentation of the musical. The response from the audience was amazing – a standing ovation. It was everything we could have wanted and more.

“We hope you will share and continue to enjoy our journey, as our story comes to life as a brand new Australian musical.”
– Judith Durham, Athol Guy, Keith Potger & Bruce Woodley, The Seekers

This new musical is produced by Richard East, an originating producer of Mamma Mia!, and Dennis Smith, producer of Dusty – The Original Pop Diva, who are thrilled to be bringing this brand new production to Melbourne.

“There is no other city in the world we could have opened this in,” said Richard East. “Melbourne is the home of The Seekers, and where it all began for Judith, Keith, Athol and Bruce in 1962 before they went on to capture the hearts and conquer the charts of the rest of the world.”

Georgy Girl – The Seekers Musical follows the story of Judith Durham, Athol Guy, Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley, from their folk and jazz beginnings in Melbourne to their meteoric rise to world pop stardom in the ‘60s, to today.

The popular quartet was the first Australian act to achieve major chart success in the UK and US, and they became the first group ever to reach number one on the UK charts with their first three singles, ‘I’ll Never Find Another You’, ‘A World of Our Own’, and ‘The Carnival is Over’, which outsold The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Influential UK music magazine NME voted The Seekers 1965’s ‘Best New Group’ and the following year, ‘Georgy Girl’ became the first number one song for an Australian group in America.

In 1967, The Seekers made a triumphant return to their hometown, drawing a record-breaking crowd of more than 200,000 people to Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl. The band was named joint “Australians of the Year” in 1967 – the only group to be honoured with this award, and were each awarded the Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in the 2014 Queen’s Birthday Honours.

In July 1968, Judith announced she was leaving The Seekers to pursue a solo career and the group disbanded. The Seekers’ Greatest Hits album was released and spent 17 weeks at number one in Australia and six weeks on top of the UK charts. The show spans the decades from selling millions of records and topping the charts around the world, breaking up in 1968 and eventually reuniting in 1993, when they reformed for their ‘25 Year Silver Jubilee Reunion’ tour, and to a sold-out UK tour last year for their 50th anniversary ‘Golden Jubilee’ tour (including two capacity concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall) – and as of today, almost 13 million YouTube views of their classic ‘I’ll Never Find Another You’ footage from 1968.

Written by Patrick Edgeworth, Georgy Girl – The Seekers Musical tells the incredible story of one of the country’s true national treasures. A band whose modest beginnings at a café in South Yarra took them to concerts around the world. It’s a journey full of laughter, a few tears, but most of all, featuring the magnificent songs we all know and love.

And now the carnival continues with Georgy Girl – The Seekers Musical having its world premiere in Melbourne at Her Majesty’s Theatre on Tuesday December 22. Georgy Girl – The Seekers Musical is directed by Gary Young with musical direction by Stephen Amos.

Casting details to be announced soon.
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