In an Australian premiere Arts Centre Melbourne will present Bamboozle Theatre Company’s Gentle Giant, an intimate, multi-sensory UK production developed exclusively for children with profound and multiple disabilities on Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 August in The Pavilion. As part of Arts Centre Melbourne’s commitment to providing performing arts opportunities for young people with disabilities, the work will also be presented in school incursions at specialist schools across Melbourne.

Gentle Giant is part of Arts Centre Melbourne’s program of inclusive theatre programming for audiences with a disability. Every moment in the highly sensory performance will be tailored to each child’s needs by Bamboozle performers, who are highly experienced in adapting their performance and engaging with children and young people who have a variety of complex and differing needs.

Using Bamboozle Theatre Company’s immersive style and adapted from Michael Morpurgo’s classic tale, Gentle Giant tells the story of man – a giant of a man  living in the Scottish fishing village of Ballyloch – who lives on an island in a beautiful lake. Turned away by the local villagers because he looks different, the giant leads a lonely life. Then one day he rescues a girl in a wide-brimmed straw hat from drowning and after saving her life saves the lake from disaster. The villagers see the giant’s true nature, the error of their ways and participants join them in a celebration of new-found friendship and community.

The beautiful production provides a heightened sensory experience featuring live music, sea shanties and songs, puppetry, and a variety of textures and smells of life in Ballyloch, concluding with a wild dance in wheelchairs. Gentle Giant is designed for children and young people aged 6 – 14 years and each performance caters for small groups of six children and their families.

Bamboozle Theatre Company is renowned for delivering magical, memorable, multi-sensory experiences for children and young people with moderate to profound learning difficulties. Bamboozle have over twenty years’ experience in developing and delivering high quality, interactive multisensory theatre experiences to captivate this audience. The company travels throughout the UK and internationally to schools, theatres and arts festivals with magical productions to reach, engage and entertain all children.

August 25 – 25