Genevieve Morris is one of our country’s most recognised comedians – mostly due to the television ads in which Morris played Barbara the Bank Manager. In Floor Show, Morris returns to being Dame Helen Highwater for a night of improvisation hilarity.

It was Morris’ father who first inspired the young Genevieve to become a comedian. Her dad was a very funny man with a sharp wit who made people laugh and she decided that was what she wanted to do – make people laugh. Morris performed in various productions during her Ferntree Gully High School years, but it was when she auditioned for the Bachelor of Education course in drama at Rusden College that Morris says she immediately “felt at home”. Unlike other courses that require prospective students to perform a prepared work, Morris was required to spend the day doing “improv” (improvisation).

Improv is a genre that Morris has been involved with for a long time and despite a varied career in theatre and television, improv is the medium she returns to. To prepare for an improv show, Morris emails friends and family for suggestions of topics to practice her skills. She and her fellow performers, Geoff Paine and Boris Conley run through the basic structure of the show, but the rest is then built upon the input from the audience. Apart from calling out, the audience also has the opportunity to write ideas on slips of paper during interval and Morris is often surprised at the large number of responses they get. The second act is the creation of a mini musical using the ideas suggested by the audience.

Asking for audience input means the performers really don’t know to expect, although Morris says there is always someone in the audience who tries to be funnier than the performers. She explains, there is always someone who suggests proctologist as an occupation, but says the funniest musical they create is usually about something as ordinary as a car mechanic.

I asked Morris have there been times when she hasn’t been able to come up with something on the spot, and if so, how does she handle this? She admits it can happen, but when it does, she’ll immediately admit that and just make things up as they come to mind. It’s often a hilarious moment in the show that leaves the audience in fits of laughter.

Floor Show is a fun night out and suitable for all ages.

Friday 17 April 8pm
Approx 1 hr 15 mins (including interval)
Warning: Possible flat notes now and then
Full $33 Conc $31 Under 25 $25

Redskin Productions in conjunction with 6PAC
Writer Geoff Paine
With Geoff Paine, Genevieve Morris, Boris Conley

Dame Helen and Chad Bradley present their very own tell-all, show-all, dance-all showbiz master class! Chad Bradley is the ultimate triple threat; singer-dancer-Broadway hack. Dame Helen Highwater was the original diva long before Beyoncé had squeezed into a sequined leotard.

Grabbing ideas and some dancers from the audience, Chad and Dame Helen present a step-by-step guide to a kick ass show, including:

Choreography for Beginners (and straight guys)
Upstaging – The Darkest Art of All
The Big Finish – all the elements come together

Why spend years doing workshops when you could get it all here? Each show is invented before your eyes, every cliché carefully worked up by these masters of the stage, every tear producing moment squeezed until it bleeds.

It’s a master class where you help create the magic. If you are looking for a laugh then look no further than The Floorshow.