Geelong Lyric Theatre Society presents…


Production Dates: 4th – 12th May 2012
Playhouse Theatre GPAC
Bookings  (03) 52251200 and

After two months of auditions, Geelong Lyric Theatre is proud to present the cast of Hairspray .

Congratulations to the whole cast.


Director:  Tony Wasley
Musical Director:  Amy Young
Choreographer:  Dom Roussety
Vocal Director:  Stacey-Louise Camilleri


Tracy                    Charlotte Kavenagh
Edna                      Lachy Joyce
Wilbur                  Simon Falconer
Link                       David Ward
Corny Collins   Mick Watson
Amber                  Bronte Wright
Velma                   Mel Thorne
Motormouth    Asha Sebastian
Seaweed              Emmanuel Sumo
Penny                   Petice Malviste
Lil' Inez                Marstina Garley
Prudy/Matron  Kethly Hemsworth
Mr Spritzer        Dan Eastwood
Mr Pinky             Alard Pett
Gym Coach       Jessica O'Donnell

Corny's Council Kids
Hannah Van Etten
Fender              Andy Ward
​Sketch               Jacob Petkovic
Brad                   Kai Mann Robertson
I.Q.                      Daniel Caciolo
​Lou Ann          Shani Clark
Tammy           Tara Vagg
​Brenda             Michelle Rimmer

The Dynamites
Felicia Frangapane
Cath Blackie
Tessa Reed

Seaweed's Gang
Gilbert       Alain Bakulikira
Thad           Willy Echillo
Cindy         Linda Marange
Laqueta    Zoey Masynyneure
Lorraine   Rumbi Nyakabau
Deanne    Trudy Thompson

Chaise Rosiello
Sarah Occhino
Dom Muirhead
Abby Martella
Julie Corneby
Charlie McIntyre
Kirsten Blake
Lee Hutchinson
Marejka Cook
Patrick McDonald
Jemma Lowther

For all enquiries please email [email protected]