Following the recent spate of Australian companies getting behind and producing new and obscure musical theatre, Gas Works in Melbourne launches an exciting new production written by Bernadette Mirabelli. Titled The Essence of Passion, this production is the premiere workshop for the piece, and is the said to be Mirabelli’s “most vibrant, exciting work yet.” With “an inspired original script, engaging central characters, witty dialogue and a dynamic music soundtrack”, this production promises to be a wonderful piece of theatre that Melbournian’s should not miss.

The following is the official description for The Essence of Passion: 
“Set against a city skyline in adjoining apartments, three lives seem destined to remain the same.
The broken hearted romantic artist PJ, can no longer paint or step outside his front door.
The beautiful street-tough, yet fragile Julie, a sex worker, is descending into a world of drug abuse.
The insecure Joan, whose dreams of being an actress are fading, earns a living waiting tables.
But things are about to change. Sent from an ethereal world, a larger than life liberator brings compassion, wit, pizazz and the indelible potion.”

Featuring a very small cast of talented Australian performers, the “musical play” will run for a week, and hopes to thrive in front of Melbourne audiences.

Tickets for The Essence of Passion can be purchased on this link, and please check back with Theatre People later this week, when we find out how things are working for this new show!