This project is a collaboration of various Cabaret artists; each artist is unique in their performances, styles and genres, a real smorgasbord of strong and rich Australian Talent.

The other night I was treated to a gala performance which was a preview of what was to come.

The only difficult thing about that night and each of the performance was, it left you satisfied while wanting more, it bit like finishing that lovely meal and hoping there’s seconds, however, it did achieve its goal, which was to present previews of established and up-and-coming artists, within a workable time frame.

The whole evening was a success with everyone feeling like they have been totally entertained.

The evening started with The Master of Ceremonies,  the absolutely fabulous Dolly Diamond, and what a treat that was, Diamond, had us all relaxed singing along to “Love is in the air”, and other songs during the night, her quick and sharp wit, and audience engagement both scripted and unscripted had us at times in tears of laughter. (Whatever you do don’t have her reading from one of her diaries,)

gas 1

If you ever have the opportunity to catch one of her shows, do so, you will not be disappointed.

Diamond presented each act with style and sazz.

First up was Jude Perl, On the piano, she’s smart, snappy (in a good way) articulate, with humour and style, she presented a couple of songs from JUDE  PERL AND THE  SAGA OF SUGARHOPE  RECORDS”  the lyrics are straight to the point and “not sugar-coated”.

From her daytime job of writing advertisements and Jingles, comes a truthful insight, and the struggle between being good and being evil.

Jude Perl is performing the 27th and 28th of February.

Then there was a change of pace, with Selina Jenkins, with acoustic guitar in hand, Jenkins presented a couple of songs from  THY NEIGHBOUR”  this character comedian is a master of the art of “Australian dry humour” with the ability to have you in stitches over very relatable dark humour and heartbreak situations, while keeping a straight face.

Selina Jenkins is performing the 1st and 2nd of March.

Sally Cameron  is someone who should be more recognised, this sensational four-octave Soprano who has performed with the “Who’s Who” of Australian artists, not only around Australia but also Internationally it is an absolute delight to listen to, both Classically and Jazz trained, Cameron who presented the musical range from her latest production NEW AMERICAN TUNE” which is based the songs from “Eva Cassidy” a very talented American Jazz and Blues singer who died at the age of 33. Cameron is wonderfully mesmerising.

Her rendition of “Fields of Gold” simply transported you.

Sally Cameron is performing the 1st and 2nd of March.

Ginger and Tonic was the last performance of the night, and in a word “Wow”

This four women a capella group, are pure dynamite, with high energy and style. Their show AUSTRALIAN TREASURES & GUILTY PLEASURES” is a real treat, presenting the artistic range of this complex genre, In their own style, this show will showcase in a fun yet inspiring way Australian rock anthems and “bubblegum pop hits”

gin 1

Ginger and Tonic is performing the 27th and 28th of February.

The Gasworks Cabaret Project At the GASWORKS ARTS PARK

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Images: Lachlan Woods