Gaming For The Globe is a collaboration of actors, writers and producers aiming to raise funds to keep Shakespeare’s Globe alive. On June 27, this star-crossed troupe of misfits will host a 20-hour marathon video gaming livestream, forgoing sleep and risking RSI for one of Britain’s most iconic institutions.

The Bard’s playhouse is at risk of becoming insolvent in the wake of COVID-19’s devastating economic impact. A plea was made to the House of Commons for lifesaving funding, but as it stands the outlook is grim. This cultural cornerstone has done so much for the artists of Britain, and has established itself as a global cultural institution.

But after more than 20 years, the Globe might be shutting its doors forever. Well, to that, eight nerds said: “not on our watch.”

As a way to throw their support behind Shakespeare’s Globe, its history and its works, while also remaining safe in lockdown, the team are evoking their other artistic passion: video games.

On June 27 at 9am AEST, Gaming For The Globe will host a series of livestreams on

Twitch.TV under the hashtag #GamingForTheGlobe for 20 straight hours to raise funds for the Globe’s survival. Be it games they love, or games they hate, they’ll be something for all audiences to enjoy.

Livestreaming video games has seen a lot of success in raising awareness of and

fundraising for many issues around the world. Video games, much like theatre, now take on many forms and appeal to a variety of audiences. And the broadcasting of games, as well as the spectating thereof, has become a form of entertainment in and of itself.

And beyond watching the streams, viewers can take part in the fun by donating funds to save the Globe! In exchange for donations, you can access a tiered rewards system based on the size of your contributions. Donors can:

  • Add a game to the shortlist for the streamers to play.
  • Limited editionGaming For The Globe badges.
  • Get the chance to play a few rounds with the hosts.
  • And more!

Further information and donations can be made at:

All the world’s a stage, and Gaming For The Globe merely players.