What’s behind the glass should not be feared; it is time to see the beauty within the torment of the forgotten.

Gallery is Project Y’s 4th production of 2011 and it’s first installation event. 86 performers, 10 choreographers and a venue like Jason Coleman’s Ministry of dance bring this new work to Melbourne audiences. Looking through the glass you see the gallery come to life, each new scene jumps out and will capture you imagination.

Collaboration The Project and Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance

Concept and Direction
Paul Malek

Kim Adam, Paul Malek, Ashleigh Perrie, Zoe Marsh, Jack May, Jared Bryan, Monique Dawes, Lauree Malek, Amy Vaughan and Joana Simmons.

What is Project Y?

Project Y is the youth dance company division of Collaboration The Project. The company is structured to offer Melbourne's youth professional experience in the dance industry.

Students from a diverse range of social and cultural backgrounds come together to participate in dance works, which are designed to connect to the community.

Our emerging dance artists are encouraged to be a part of the creative process and will perform dance works in a professional context and a range of formats including:

•       Theatrical productions

•       Installation events

•       Dance on film