Following their acclaimed sell out season of ‘Pitched Black’ Lazy Yarns have brought us a unique and intriguing piece.

Less Light is immersive theatre. You are ushered into the basement of the State Theatre Centre, and invited to experience the piece using a blindfold as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. I chose to immerse myself fully and used the blindfold from start to finish.

I am a huge believer and fan of storytelling and this team does the art form justice. The darkness heightens the senses and I found myself listening more intently than I would have with visuals. You do need to concentrate on the telling though and cast aside the thoughts that can annoyingly spring to mind when without visuals; What does the performer look like? What is the staging like? The reactions of other audience members.

The 4 actors are all very good. I wish I could name them, but staying with the overall vision, it is performed by a collective of anonymous WA artists. A few diction issues aside, they produce a 40 minute collection of true stories and real experiences stretching the gamut of emotions. It is natural and truthful storytelling.

Adaptation and Direction by Mitchell Whelan and assisted by Isaac Diamond is excellent. There isn’t a moment of hesitation or ambiguity in their vision. Each decision is precise and unwavering in purpose. And supported by a terrific soundscape and emotive vocal, this team of artists, creatives and performers, have shown incredible collaboration to bring us this different and refreshing piece.

With a dedication to sharing stories with a uniquely Australian voice, Lazy Yarns are an exciting team of contemporary, innovative story tellers. I only wish Less Lights run at Summer Nights was longer so more could experience what I did.