“Fox” presented by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is an inspired adaptation of the book by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. The story of an injured magpie and a one-eyed dog that live harmoniously, learning how each compensates for the disability in the other.  An evil eyed fox arrives and breaks up this happy unit to demonstrate what it means to be alone.

Presented as a combination of puppetry, dance, mime and narration, the performers Rachel Arianne Ogle (Fox), Scott Galbraith (Dog) and Gala Shevtsov (Magpie) lift this story from pages in a book to reality. The trio work in harmony with each other, displaying the features of their respective characters with realism. I particularly enjoyed the dance sequences, (choreographed by Jacob Lever), the transition of the head between magpie and fox and back again executed magically unseen. 

 Leon Hendroff’s simple but effective set design is the perfect backdrop for Graham Waine’s lighting on it, the colours of the Australian outback. The costumes by Nicole Marrington and Sheridan Savage, combined with the puppet heads by Leon Hendroff complete the image. Full marks for the narration by Kyle Morrison, 

The production team lead by Director, Michael Barlow have put together an entertaining and endearing take on what is, in its original form, a dark story with a somewhat abrupt ending. Nevertheless, an ending to leave the audience to make up their own minds, will Magpie make it back to Dog? 

The “Fox” season continues at the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Fremantle with three performances daily until July 20. An ideal school holiday event, this works for adults as well.