Hello Party People!!!

Just a couple of housekeeping notes before the glorious slog that is, Guild Weekend… (It used to just be Guild Night, but we soon fixed that!)

Guest List:

All confirmations have been received and our guest list has been finalised. This event is 100% (and then some) SOLD OUT. We will NOT be selling any other tickets after the performance. If you’ve missed out, then we are sorry but we gave loads of warning. To remedy this, read the site more often next year. Tickets had about 5 days on sale before being sold out, so there was ample time to secure your spot.

Collection of Tickets:

Please collect your tickets from the Theatre People stand in the foyer of the theatre from 7pm. Tickets are $15 cash only. If you are collecting for a group, please bring your list with you. If you are collecting tickets for groups, please bring your list with you. Please also be sure to let the people on your list know that you are collecting for them. We’ve had a few people pop up on a few other people’s guest lists. Once your name is marked as collected, we will not be reissuing another ticket.

As there is a HUGE demand for the tickets, we urge you to come and see us as early as possible on the night. If you haven’t got your ticket by the time the show starts, you ain’t coming. We always get a massive surge of people just before the show starts, so again… please don’t leave it until the last minute. Right… flogged that point to death, let’s move on…

Getting into the club:

Please note that you MUST bring photo ID with you. The bouncers will scan it at the door and you won’t get in without it. The club has a pretty standard dress code, so normal club rules apply. Taxis are available afterwards as it’s a very busy part of town at that time of night.

Where to go:

Orange Whip – (Ringwood). As we’ve had a change of venue, we have secured an awesome private room, but it is smaller than our original venue. As such, we will also be utilising several shared spaces with the clubs usual crowd including an outdoor beer garden, which backs directly onto our private room. These two spaces combined should be more than enough room for all of us. Your pass will get you access to the entire club, so you can feel free to roam the other two rooms at your leisure. Orange Whip has just had a complete refurb and it looks absolutely amazing, so you’d be crazy not to check the rest of the place out at some stage during the night.


Our function runs from 12pm to 5am, but some of the Theatre People gang will be there from about 10:30pm. You are welcome to kick on at the guilds for as long as you like, but please note that if you arrive too late, then you may not be let in due to tightening restrictions on club areas. We had a few instances last year where people arrived very late in the piece and were knocked back at the door. Have something to eat, get yourself a drink and we’ll see you as soon as you are ready to ROCK!


It will be a warm night – Max 30 – Min 19 with a thunderstorm thrown in for a bit of fun.

Win! Win! Win!

This year we will be running a raffle. We’ve secured some awesome prizes thanks to our mates at L’Oreal, Heineken, The MTC, The Malthouse, Hairspray, Parker, The Peppermill, Lavazza… the list goes on. In short, for $5 you can buy your ticket to win prizes valued at over $2000!!!

The raffle will be on sale at the theatre, as well as at the club, so bring some cashola for that too!!

We look forward to seeing you on the night!

The TP Team