Staged in the Studio at The Blue Room Theatre, “Floor Thirteen” tells the story of a woman’s imprudent entry into corruption of the justice system. Stuck in an elevator on her way to her 13th floor apartment the protagonist played by Kylie Bywaters tells her story to the unseen elevator technician. The details of the story are acted out, using mime and movement, by the other players; Tamara Creasey, Courtney Henri, Christopher Moro and Jordan Valentini. 

The Studio was the perfect setting for this production. The audience is placed “in the round”, the lift shaft in centre position, leaving the remaining space available for the actors/dancers. The story and action is repeated over and again until the full extent of the treachery is revealed. Congratulations to the script writer, Elise Wilson, for creating the story which held my interest throughout.  Kylie Bywaters’ expressive performance, trapped in the confined space of the elevator, was outstanding. Articulation and volume perfect, I heard every word. The action of the four other actors, repetitive for obvious reasons never fell short of full commitment. 

This was a highly original production comprising so many elements of theatre. Marshall Stay’s set, sound and AV design; simple set but effective. The sound and AV discreetly highlighted the tension. Scott McArdle’s lighting design impressive, particularly the ascending lift sequence.

Director Marshall Stay leads a group of talented, creative artists. I really enjoyed this production. It was an original, remarkable and engaging theatrical production.

“FloorThirteen” continues its season at The Blue Room until July 13.