Ever wondered what happens ‘Behind the Curtain’ before the show ‘goes up’? What actors do to get themselves ‘in the zone’? How does one ‘become’ a thespian? Well, ask no more, because Charlie Ranger, aka Fishlace Jones, is here to impart all his theatrical wisdom in all it’s comedic glory.

Fishlace Jones – Behind the Curtain‘ is a wonderfully rollicking piece of theatrical [email protected]! Every theatrical device gets the ‘Fishlace’ spin and in turn becomes a toe curling hilarious 45 minutes.

Rangers ability to engage an audience is outstanding and what seems like never drawing a breath, his banter is not only witty but insanely quick in delivery. This is clever, clever writing from a very talented performer.

From the onset we are treated to everything cringe worthy as theatre lovers — be it an audience member to artists. From the back of the dimmed intimate venue a wail builds to a dramatic crescendo as a black caped, theatrical masked figure descends the dramatic sweeping ramp. And suddenly we are thrust into the world of Fishlace JonesVictoria’s (self professed?) King of Independent Theatre.

Jones takes us through obligatory theatrical warm-ups, the bane of any performers life, to mime (oh how mime makes my toes curl)! And of course ‘finding your spirit animal’. I have seen many a spirit animal in my years in theatre but never…… pigeon???? Hilarious!

Next Fishlace instructs on ‘Finding your true voice’ the actors tool and best friend and we are treated to a Contiki tour of accents as Jones walks the floor interacting with unsuspecting audience.

Oh and speaking of audience as in many a Fringe show, audience participation is non-negotiable and we are soon ‘finding our truth’. And what better way than for another unsuspecting audience member to be thrust onto stage and eat ‘the sandwich of truth’…I never realised how difficult it is to get someone to eat a sandwich and just, well eat a sandwich and not perform. This is comedy gold and another fabulous opportunity for some quick Fishlace adlibs.

fish 2

There are so many wonderfully fun moments in this Fringe Show but I will leave some for your visit so as not to spoil the every golden moment. I had an absolute blast and the 45 minutes flew by and I left wanting more! I hope this gets another opportunity for a scheduled run as the five festival nights is so short for such a fun show.

Fishlace Jones – Behind the Curtain plays at Belleville Melbourne, Globe Alley (off Little Bourke Street), Melbourne at 6.00pm each night until Sunday 16th September.

Tickets are full — $20, concession — $18. Click here to buy tickets online.

Oh and please Melbourne Fringe Festival, some signage is needed at this venue. The theatre space is tucked behind a wall at the very back of the restaurant / bar out of site of the entrance. This building has multiple levels so patrons were wandering (myself included) the building looking for any sign of Melbourne Fringe.