Tiny Moose Youth Theatre is a brand new company launching into the spotlight this month with their debut showcase You Will Be Found.

Adriana Dall’est and Kelly Trenery were inspired to start Tiny Moose Youth Theatre upon learning of the closure of Catchment Players in 2017, as they wanted to see the opportunity for young people to explore and develop their skills in musical theatre continue, much like they both did growing up. “We are both passionate about educating young people add ensuring they have access to opportunities that they may not have with other adult focused theatre companies.”

Co-Directors Adriana Dall’est and Kelly Trenery

Co-Directors Adriana Dall’est and Kelly Trenery

They are directing TMYT first Showcase You Will Be Found, which opens on April 15. The showcase was inspired by the song of the same title from Dear Evan Hansen, after spending hours pouring over songs that they felt fit their themes of friendship, hope, positivity, belonging, and acceptance. These are very important themes to the two directors, who want to not only show these ideals in a more positive light, but to also address the adversities that everyone faces in order to get to that more positive place in their lives. The showcase also features songs from Hamilton, Pippin, School of Rock, Moana and many more.

With a cast of 25, Trenery and Dall’est have found the rehearsal space to be a supportive, focused safe space for the young cast to really discover who they are and where they belong. And impressively, each one of those 25 youth have their own solo!

“We were hoping to find young people with a passion for what they were doing and a willingness to give things a go. We were fortunate to find not only this, but a cast who is so supportive of each other and who have grown together throughout their TMYT journey”.

When asked about her favourite moment in the show, Dall’est answered “each cast member is so special to the show, so it is hard to pick out just one moment! But if I have to pick, I think my favourite moment is halfway through act 1! I don’t want to reveal too much, but it is something they have all worked so, so hard for these past three months, and watching them achieve that “moment” has been so rewarding”. Both have strong connections to each piece performed in the showcase, but Trenery has a special spot in her heart for “Light” from Next to Normal. “I think the message is so important, and our seniors who perform this number just portray this song beautifully with so much heart, hope and emotion”.

Full Cast of "You Will Be Found"

Full Cast of “You Will Be Found”

Whilst TMYT is a youth theatre company, they aim to produce shows for the entire community. They are also keen to get some senior members on board to help mentor their productions and production teams as they launch.

“First and foremost we’d like TMYT’s debut production to spark interest in the community as a youth theatre company that upholds our vision of quality youth productions and mentorship. We’d love to see TMYT continue to thrive while still promoting our core values”.

If you would like to keep up to date with TMYT, become a member or volunteer your time to help mentor the performers of tomorrow, you can contact them at [email protected],au to express your interest.

You Will Be Found opens on Thursday April 12 at The Theatrette at Albert Park. Tickets are $25 and are available through TryBooking.