Diamond Valley Singers latest production of Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella promises to breathe new life into a timeless classic. The fairy-tale known and loved by all, follows the story of a poor girl, who is trapped working as a maid for her evil stepmother and evil stepsisters. After wishing she could attend the Royal Ball, her dream is granted by her Fairy Godmother. At the ball she meets her Prince Charming, but flees leaving her shoe on the stairs. After searching for the maiden the slipper belongs to, the Prince eventually finds Cinderella and they live happily ever after.

While this production of Cinderella, promises the classic fairy tale it has been reimagined and invigorated to bring a fresh staging to audiences. Full of its old fashion charm, moments of comedy and true love the production is for all ages.

The production breaks tradition by having a rotating set piece and a very distinct colour palette. Which for credit is given to director Tam Smith.

“It has one of Tam’s trademarked specific and symbolic colour-palettes, and an ambitious central set piece which will be absolutely amazing…” said DVS Kristen Ryan.

Ryan is DVS’s Cinderella and has enjoyed the challenge of creating her own version of Cinderella.

“It would have been easy to play Cinderella as your classic one-dimensional Disney princess…so my challenge has been to make my emotional responses as genuine as possible while still maintaining that demure and wistful demeanour.” She said.

It wasn’t only Ryan who faced challenges when bringing these characters to lice.

Elizabeth Carr who plays the step sister Grace had to leave her preconceived ideas of the stepsisters aside.

“You want to stay true to the characters that you know and love, but also make them your own. There was some trial and error but we got there!” Carr said.

There have been some big changes made to the traditional casting, in particular to Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother, with a step away from convention, with Steven Edwards stepping into drag for the role.

The infamous transformation from poor maid to beautiful maiden is a focal point of the cast and production team alike.

Producer Angela Hennel praises the work of the technical team to bring the magic of the tale to life.

“Our technicians have collaborated to create the magic on stage, so, for me, it’s “Impossible” to single out any one area.” She said.

Ryan agrees.

“The whole transformation scene is going to be dazzling so I can’t wait to see it.” She said.

The cast are also excited for the chance to sing music written by musical theatre legends Rodgers and Hammerstein, a honour for any performer.

Isabel Knight, plays the stepsister Joy loves the whole score, but especially her song with Elizabeth Carr.

“I must say that the Stepsister Lament is my favourite song/scene. Elizabeth and I have had so much fun rehearsing and performing this song already so we can’t wait to have a full audience.” Knight said.

Sticking to Diamond Valley Singers motto of “Acting locally and thinking Globally”, DVS will donate proceeds from performances to International Needs Australia, Open House in Ivanhoe and Elizabeth Nursery School in Malawi.

Cinderella will be performed at Warrandyte High School Theatre

Friday July 6, 8pm

Saturday July 7, 2pm & 8pm

Sunday July 8, 2pm

Wednesday July 11, 2pm

Friday July 13, 8pm

Saturday July 14, 2pm & 8pm

For more information head to their web site: www.dvsingers.org