Do you have a fetish for women’s undergarments? Perhaps you have an unhealthy appetite for red meat, or an unusual fantasy involving llama’s and handcuffs. Well, no matter what your poison, The Melbourne Cabaret Festival has something for you.

More specifically, it is the devious mind of Greenroom award nominee Karin Muiznieks who presents her new cabaret ‘Filthy Secrets’ for your voyeuristic viewing pleasure. Muizniek, along with longtime director and Greenroom award Nominee Scott Gooding and Nick Caddaye of ‘The Improbables’ fame, has devised a cabaret exploring the deliciously dark impulses we all have, yet know we must suppress.


With a cast of self proclaimed ‘music theatre professionals’ including Muiznieks, Louise McCrae (The Gift Horse), Cameron Thomas (Sugar, Milk and Honey…they’re credits not how he takes his tea) Emma Muiznieks (World War Wonderful) and newcomer Karlis Zaid (Beautiful Losers), “Filthy Secrets” takes your deepest darkest desires, your criminal cravings and your most lustful longings and punctuates them with original catchy cabaret songs in a series of sinful vignettes.


Each actor portrays between 5 – 6 characters showing humanity at its worst in a show that will leave you squirming with delight. Throughout a series of scenes characters reveal themselves, however not all will be as it seems as throughout the music they transform into an antithesis of their former selves. ‘Director-man’ Gooding recently shared that ‘Filthy Secrets’ was a “chance for us to explore a darker humour and ham around with certain taboos that aren’t necessarily always dealt with on stage”.  This theatrical exploration of the taboo side of humanity was first tried out at the Butterfly Club in February this year, before a very successful season this April where it received rave reviews at the Melbourne Comedy festival.

No stranger to the cabaret stage, Muizniek has forged a name for herself with a series of original work including ‘Better at a Distance’, The Greenroom award nominated ‘First Against the Wall’ and ‘Hells Cabaret’, as well as penning the musical ‘Give My Regards to Broady’, and ‘World War Wonderful’ which will be performing in ‘The Lamond Room’ this festival.  With a swag of Greenroom awards and sell-out shows behind her, Muizniek has forged a reputable name for herself in the cabaret community since her graduation from the University of Ballarat’s Arts Academy in 2005, where she made her first endeavour into the Cabaret scene;  lauding the luck of the ‘upthemselves’ in our society in ‘Arrogance is Bliss’.

So no matter what your persuasion, I urge you to take the trip down to South Melbourne this Cabaret festival and find your own dark side at ‘Filthy Secrets’. Who knows what you might find out?

By Daniel Miles