Prepare yourself to be ambushed by four bold, power hungry, empire-building, inspirational, gyrating corporate women as they present their latest show at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival. It has been confirmed that there will be no power-point presentation or excel spreadsheet backing up their guerrilla warfare tactics for this performance. There won’t a piano, a violin or kazoo either. Why do you ask? Simply not needed. Voice and a whole lot of sass are what bring this show to life.

Whilst they are preparing for this show, Theatre People did manage to tempt Jane Patterson away from her tower of power (using a low-fat, high protein, coconut and almond milk, decaf mocha chai latte – in an environmentally friendly cups) to discuss this upcoming show and to find out why both you and Gina Rinehart need to come along and learn what it takes to be a new CEO in 2017 and beyond.


TP: How long have you been performing this show?

JP: We first performed “For Love or Money” at the Perth Fringe in January this year, then again at Adelaide Fringe. We are so happy to have had the chance to put the show in front of an audience at these festivals before unleashing it to our home crowd in Melbourne!

TP: What is the show about?

JP: The four Ginger and Tonic gals – Bec, Dani, Jane and Laura – all starting new businesses sharing them with the world via cabaret! We’re badass business women and we hope the world is ready for our life changing ideas! You’ll also get to know a lot about us and our love lives.

TP: What sort of person is going to love this show?

JP: It’s a great show for a girl’s night out, but it’s really for anyone who is up for a laugh, and who enjoys some sassy 4 part harmonies.

TP: What’s the biggest challenge about developing a work like this? 

JP: Probably the fact that we’re singing four part a cappella while dancing and telling the story. There’s no band or backing tracks, we’ve only got each other to rely on up on stage. It’s a lot to have to think about but that challenge is also what makes it so rewarding.

TP: How is this production bringing something new to the 2017MCF?

JP: We bring something different wherever we go. We sing a lot of original songs, as well as parodies, and our humour is super quirky. Add some bad-ass girl power in there and you’ve got a pretty unique show.

TP: What’s the last thing you do before you step out on stage / the curtain goes up?

JP: A team hand-stack! Seriously! Then I blow the pitch pipe.

TP: Without giving too much away… What’s your favourite line of dialogue?

JP: Madeleine West is back on Neighbours! Banging the Toady!

TP: What’s going to surprise people about this show?

JP: How fast Laura Burzacott can rap!

TP: Call someone out by name: Who must come see this production?

JP: Shannon Bennett (we have a song dedicated to him in the show). And Rebel Wilson – a cappella and comedy legend, obviously.

TP: What will the audience be thinking about in the car as they drive home after this show?

JP: They will be wondering where they can get themselves some Horny Goat Weed Bliss Balls!

TP: What does it mean to you to be part of the 2017 MCF?

JP: We debuted our first full-length cabaret show – Desperate and Dateless – at the MCF three years ago, so we have lots of memories here and it’s great to be back again.

And so, we say thanks for Jane for her valuable time with us as we send her off to eat her beetroot encrusted, quinoa-based, lactose-free, organic kale topped lunch as all current top CEOs do.

Whether you need some tips on how to love your work or work on your love, this show will give it to you in no uncertain terms. So, whether you are now on NBN or still struggling along with ADSL, jump online and book your tickets now for one of the acts of the festival.

Dates: June 21 to 29

Venue: Chapel off Chapel