If you love the television series Modern Family you’ll love the musical Falsettos, according to Don Winsor who plays the central character of Marvin.

“Marvin is a mess,” explained Winsor. 

“Marvin is a terrible narcissist. The show starts out with Marvin having left his wife and son to live with his lover, a man named Whizzer, but he’s decided that he wants them all to operate as a tight family unit – to have this American 1950s dream homelife but with all of them to serve his very need. Basically it would work for him, so he just wants everyone to get on board; which is obviously a terrible idea, but it takes everyone a while to realise that. By the time act two comes along it’s an entirely different story. It’s years later and it’s a whole other ball game.”

Falsettos 2

Falsetto has opened at Melbourne’s Chapel Off Chapel and Winsor expects it is the first time most of the audience will have seen this show. However, Winsor is also aware the musical has a considerable fanbase. Falsettos recently has a huge revival on Broadway and the musical certainly has a large number of fans.

When it first came out it was very edgy – just because of the content – but now, it’s very much .. it’s Modern Family basically! There’s nothing in this show that there isn’t in a modern sitcom.”

Falsettos 3

Falsettos takes the audience through a range of emotions.

It’s not entirely just funny, it’s all over the place; by the end of it it’s heartbreaking,” commented Winsor.

Winsor feels last year’s marriage equality vote showed that a musical such as Falsettos could have always had a mainstream appeal and it seemed like the right time to bring the musical back to Australia.

People are not bothered by the things they used to be bothered by. While the show is set in the 1970s and 80s, the main issue in the show is about love. It’s all universal ideas that everyone can identify with.”

Falsettos 6

And what is the ultimate take home message of Falsettos?

Your family is going to get you through – and not necessarily the family you’re related to, but the family you choose. Love can mess you up but love will get you through in the end.”

Falsettos is now playing at Chapel Off Chapel until Sunday.

For more information and tickets: https://chapeloffchapel.com.au/show/falsettos/