Fab Nobs Theatre is excited to announce the cast for the upcoming Fabiversary Concert.
The Fabiversary is a celebration of the last 10 years of Fab Nobs Musicals and Plays and will be playing on Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of August at 8pm .


Jessica Barlow
Nadia Gianiotti
Michael Butler
Karl McNamara
Jennie Kellaway
Trent Bockman
Rachel Juhaz
Jonno Sebastian
Tim Oon
Tim Addicoat
Kate Warner
Nick Kong
Hamish Anderson
Alana West
Gina Mets
Luisa Tascone
Matt Allen
Stephen Valeri
Steve Simmons
Amy Larsen
Mel Ott
Lizzie Matjacic
Tony Burge
Sarah Somers
Robbie Carmellotti
Julia Sutherland

To see and hear this wonderful cast in action visit Fab Nobs Theatre  or call Anne on 0401 018 846 to book your tickets now. All tickets are only $20.