How do you really feel about your body?

Returning in a specially curated new season, The Naked Self is a beautiful installation that blends both confessional and digital cultures.

The Naked Self invites participants to listen to audio portraits of strangers who reveal stories and secrets about their bodies.

Participants also have the opportunity to step into a private booth, undress and contribute an audio self-portrait to the growing The Naked Self archive.

A voice guides the naked participants through a gentle examination of their bodies and to view themselves in a totally different perspective.

Artists Michele Lee and Tanya Dickson explain that The Naked Self is a chance to share in the uniqueness of every body, “There could be thousands of pictures of you online: photographic ‘selfies’ contrived to capture your best angles and features. This is an opportunity to really express how you feel about yourself and your body.”

Season 8 – 17 Jun 2018

Duration Allow 30 minutes

Location Arts House, 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne

Tickets FREE (for audiences aged 18 years plus)

Information or (03) 9322 3720