December 7, 2016 – December 12, 2016 all-day
185 Spring St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Not The Worst Productions
When the Rain Stops Falling @ Melbourne | Victoria | Australia

Not The Worst Productions proudly presents

Andrew Bovell’s

When the Rain Stops Falling

Directed by David Mustafa

To be staged at Metanoia Theatre, Brunswick Mechanics Institute

April/May 2017


An epic play spanning four generations and two hemispheres, When the Rain Stops Falling moves from the claustrophobia of a London flat in 1959 to the windswept coast of southern Australia, and into the heart of the Australian desert in 2039.

Andrew Bovell’s award winning play interweaves a series of connected stories, as seven people confront the mysteries of the past in order to understand their future, revealing how patterns of betrayal, love and abandonment are passed on. Until finally, as the desert is inundated with rain, one young man finds the courage to defy the legacy.

It is an intensely theatrical and non-naturalistic piece, collaborative in quality with an ensemble cast working through a style of transformation of place and time, sharing character portrayal, acting as observers of each other and engaging directly with the audience.


Not The Worst Productions is an unashamedly down to earth independent theatre company based in Melbourne, Australia. Following an acclaimed debut presenting Neil LaBute’s The Shape of Things, we are thrilled to be making our awaited return with When the Rain Stops Falling by Andrew Bovell in 2017.

We are a company founded on a passion for developing and presenting quality creative work – a company that exists to create opportunity for both our audiences and artists alike.

Not The Worst strives to challenge, innovate, and captivate a fresh audience – whilst offering valuable exposure to some of the most exciting talent Melbourne has to offer.

Above all, we promise to entertain.


Wednesday December 7th  7pm

Monday December 12th   7pm

Call backs

Thursday                                 December 15th                                      7pm

Auditions will be held at Holmes Institute, 185 Spring Street Melbourne

Application Information

Auditions will be allocated by appointment only at the discretion of the creative team.

Interested actors should apply by emailing the director: [email protected]

Please introduce yourself and be sure to attach a recent headshot and an up to date performance CV to your email.

All audition submissions are due by 28/11/2016

Audition Requirements

It is expected that all actors will have read the play prior to auditioning. Please notify the director in your submission email should you need to attain a perusal copy of the script.

For the audition please come with a prepared monologue from the play (your choice, to at least 450 words) and be ready to also read from other sections as requested.

Please be ready to workshop your piece with the director if required, and be aware that the panel may not wish to see all material prepared.

Rehearsal Period

It is intended that there will be an initial table read of the play prior to the end of 2016. Cast to be announced ASAP following callback auditions.

Regular rehearsals will begin in mid-January with a schedule for two weekday evenings and Sundays (exact weeknights to be confirmed).

Performance Season

Performance Venue:

Brunswick Mechanics Institute Theatre

Performance Dates:

April 26, 27, 28 & 29

May 3, 4, 5 & 6


(age ranges listed are approximate) 

HENRY LAW – 40’s

Henry is a loving husband and father but is involved in a number of scandalous incidents surrounding young children. He is exiled from the family home to Australia, from where he sends postcards to his son, before he disappears.

YOUNGER ELIZABETH LAW – (to be played by an actor appearing 30 – 36) 

& OLDER ELIZABETH LAW – (to be played by an actor mid 50’s)

A teacher, academic, who did not take naturally to being a mother. She has an uncomfortable relationship with her son, whom she brought up on her own after she threw her husband out of the home.


His father left when he was seven years old and he has a difficult relationship with this mother. He holds on to postcards sent to him by his father and decides to visit the place that the last postcard was sent from. He meets Gabrielle and falls in love but with tragic consequences.

YOUNGER GABRIELLE YORK – (to be played by an actor appearing 24-25)

& OLDER GABRIELLE YORK (to be played by an actor appearing 50)

She is an orphan of parents who suicided and a brother that was abducted. She leaves her home with Gabriel and strikes more tragedy. She is rescued by a man she later marries but does not necessarily love.


A genuine man who seeks the simple life, only to be drawn into a relationship with Gabrielle following her near death. He is devoted to her despite her disengagement, unbalanced temperament and developing dementia.

GABRIEL YORK – late 40’s or 50

His father died in a car crash before he was born. He had an uncomfortable relationship with his mother and when he left home he broke all contact with his mother and step-father. He married and had a son, but left his family home when his son was seven. He lives alone, is not wealthy, and leads an isolated life.


He grew up with his mother after his father left. Years later he gets in touch with his father, looking to find answers to some questions about his identity.

Please do not hesitate to contact David Mustafa (Director) with any queries on the project: [email protected]