January 19, 2018 – March 23, 2018 all-day
Weekly Kids’ Drama classes by Highly Established Drama School

“Drama With A Difference” is about to start Term 1 of its drama classes for primary school children between the ages of 7 and 12. Classes run from either Kew on a Wednesday after school, or Clifton Hill on a Saturday morning.

We are an established drama school that has successfully operated for over twenty years. The school is also the launching pad of many successful Australian actors and our students have appeared in major roles and major guest roles in feature films, just about every Australian TV in the past twenty years, numerous ads, and professional theatre. We are established industry professionals and casting directors contact us on regular basis when looking for child actors. We also have connections with several ethical kids’ agencies that we can recommend once we are aware of a given child’s needs and abilities.

Despite being the perfect place for budding young actors, our classes are also attended by children who have no desire to become actors! In fact, our major mission is to instil self-confidence and self-esteem in young people through drama. Many children attend our courses to overcome shyness, make new friends, or just to have fun! We are experts at integration groups of children who have different expectations from our courses.

Drama is a wonderful activity for any child. In a world that increasingly demands upfront presentations – in later school years, at universities, and in the work-place – learning to speak in front of a group or an audience at a young age gives children a life-long advantage in whatever they ultimately choose to do with their lives.

Children will learn the skills of improvisation (coming up with ideas on the spot, and from their own imaginations), character work, movement (as in how different characters move-not dance!), voice work, self-devised script work, and pre-written script work. (Amongst other skills…)

The teacher of these classes is experienced in acting, and is also a fully qualified primary school teacher. His major goal is to bring out the innate creativity in all children – regardless of what level they are at – and to do this in a safe and nurturing environment. Despite our success stories within the profession, this is not what we focus on in drama classes. Our classes are run in a strictly non-competitive manner and the emphasis is on personal best.

Children usually remain at the school for at least a year (and often for many years!). Enrolment is on a term by term basis and there is no obligation to continue, however later in the year, kids put on a number of shows in an intimate, professionally set up theatre. We do not cast large and small roles; rather, we use a number of shorter plays (or double up lead roles) so that every child has more or less the same amount of time on stage. If, for any reason, a child does not want to perform in public, they may elect to help the teacher/director in a backstage capacity.

Classes resume in the first week that school goes back. It is ideal to start at the first class, but if for any reason you have missed the start date, we can organise to pro-rata your fees and allow you begin late. (Pending availability of spaces).

For information about costs, times, locations etc… please go to the following link, and visit the rest of our comprehensive website while you are there!


Ph: 0407091591