April 1, 2017 – April 2, 2017 all-day
1 Albert St
Williamstown VIC 3016
Williamstown Little Theatre
Vincent in Brixton @ Williamstown | Victoria | Australia

Williamstown Little Theatre is holding auditions for

Vincent in Brixton

Time: 1873 and 1876. Setting: the kitchen of 87 Langham Road, Brixton.

A fiction woven from a few known facts, on the surface the play is about the three years a young Vincent Van Gogh spent in London. But it is more than that. We see a young man with the signs of genius yet to flower but with the arrogance of innate talent. There are allusions to the drawings and paintings, the inspirations and the despair that are to come. There’s humour, depression, warmth and love, with glimpses into the disruptive, single-minded nature of artistic talent. Vincent and the widowed landlady, Ursula, embark on an intense and secret affair. He understands her black moods and she recognises and encourages the spark of artistic genius in him.

Season dates: 29 June – 15 July

Audition dates: Saturday 1 April from 1pm; Sunday 2 April from 10 am.

Venue: Williamstown Little Theatre, 1 Albert Street Williamstown.

Auditions by appointment only.

For appointment and enquiries contact Shirley Sydenham, [email protected]

Auditions Requirements

  • Actors attending an audition must bring a completed audition form (download from wlt.org.au/auditions) and a non returnable headshot.
  • It is essential that they have read the play beforehand.


NOTE: ages indicate appearance rather than actual age of actor!

URSULA LOYER – mid to late forties

The landlady, and mother of Eugenie. A widow for 15 years, she still wears black but now more because of chronic depression than because of mourning. Her love affair with Vincent transforms her and she blossoms, but is later plunged to her lowest point after his abrupt departure. The actor has to be able to navigate these extremes plausibly and with sensitivity.

VINCENT VAN GOGH – early 20s

Young Vincent is a mass of contradictions: shy and gauche yet brash in his frankness. He is intense, stormy, blunt, rather awkward with people. This is before he was a painter, but the actor should be able to foreshadow the genius, torments, depression and illness that lies ahead. The actor should have, or be prepared to have, red hair. And to have two ears!

EUGENIE LOYER – late teens, early 20s

Ursula’s daughter, in love with Sam. Their young love is a pleasant contrast to the intensity of Vincent and Ursula. She is self assured and supportive of Sam’s career dreams, and prepared to break Victorian conventions. In the course of the play she becomes a tired and drained mature mother of two who takes on caring responsibilities during Ursula’s deepest depression.

SAM PLOWMAN – early 20s

Lodger at the Loyer house. A house painter and decorator, he dreams of being an artist and works hard at developing his skills. He is in love with Eugenie, a love that must remain secret because of societal propriety. He is an affable, friendly, easy going chap who becomes good friends with Vincent.

ANNA VAN GOGH – late teens, early 20s

A small yet important role requiring excellent comic timing. Anna gives us an insight into the Van Gogh family‘s austere world view and its contrast with a rather unconventional English household. It is an important facet in us understanding Vincent’s upbringing and the beginning of his going against it.