October 9, 2013 – October 27, 2013 all-day

Trampoline is a new play by Shane Adamczak, a dark comedy about dreams, reality and romance with its Australian premiere as part of The Blue Room Theatre’s next season from 8 October 2013.

Matt is a dreamer. He lives in a world where fiction and reality are all mixed up. Kelly is the girl of his dreams. She is beautiful, talented, funny and she even has a trampoline.

Shane invites audiences to follow Matt and Kelly’s awkward courtship as Matt discovers what is most important to him and what reality he really belongs in.

Trampoline is Adamczak’s first play in Western Australia since 2011. For the past several years, he has been achieving success in Canada as a writer, performer and improviser. Adamzack recently starred as Johnny Rotten in the award winning play Vicious Circles at Mainline Theatre in Montreal. Returning to Perth for this production are former Black Swan State Theatre Company ‘Hotbed’ performers Ben Russell and Amanda Woodhams. Russell returns from Chicago where he has been writing and performing a number of comedy shows, while Woodhams returns from Los Angeles where she is pursuing her career in film.

October 8 – 26