July 20, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – July 21, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

The Mount Players


The Taming of the Shrew  by William Shakespeare

Directed by Drew Mason


contact info: [email protected]

9382 6284





Friday 20 July 7.30 pm

Saturday 21 July 2 pm


Audition will consist of presenting one short prepared sonnet or speech from Shakespeare as well as reading selected scenes from the play with other auditionees.  Please be prepared to spend some time at the audition.



November 9 to December 1 (will be approximately 10 shows over four weekends-including two Sunday Matinees)

Audition and Performance location:  The Mountview Theatre, 56 Smith St. Macedon




Bianca, young and beautiful, desperately wants a man. However, her father insists that her older sister, Kate, must be married first. The problem is that Kate is far too concerned with her own independence to allow this to happen and has scared off any man who has ever expressed interest. She is known as a shrew.

When she meets Petruchio, a man who is equally matched in wit, outlandish temper and persistence, the classic battle of the sexes is on. Just who will tame who? Will Bianca find her man? And who is the Shrew?

This production will be heavily influenced by the Suffragette movement of the early Twentieth Century.  Think Katerina in the spirit of Emmeline Pankhurst…..





Petruchio:  (loud, aggressive, but soft at heart) late 20s

Lucentio: (romantic dreamer) early 20s

Tranio: (Lucentio’s servant, far wiser) early 20s

Baptista: (Kate and Bianca’s father, stern, but caring) 50+

Gremio: (suitor to Bianca, wealthy) 50+

Hortensio: (suitor to Bianca, clever, but dim) 40+

Vincentio: (father to Lucentio) 50+



Katerina: (loud, aggressive, but wants to be loved) late 20s

Bianca: (sister to Kate, pretty, conniving) late teens to early 20s

Widow: (marries Hortensio, headstrong) 40+


the following roles can be played by either male or female actors:


Biondello (servant to Lucentio): age open

Grumio: (servant to Petruchio, dim, physical comedy needed) age open

Curtis: (servant to Petruchio) age open

Tailor: age open

Haberdasher: age open

Merchant: (pretends to be Lucentio’s father) 50+

doubling of characters can and most likely will occur


Please note: The scripted Induction with Christopher Sly has been cut from this production. It will be replaced with something fitting the Suffragette context using the characters above.




Audition information


For the audition, please come with a prepared short Shakespearean soliloquy, monologue or sonnet (not from the play) and be ready to also read from the script with your fellow auditionees. You do not need to come both days, just one.



Rehearsal period: most likely will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings and either Saturdays or Sundays at a time to suit cast and director.


For more information or to book an audition and request a script, please contact: Drew Mason, director [email protected] or 9382 6284.