June 21, 2018 – June 22, 2018 all-day
The Pirates of Penzance

Dynamic Performers Australia invites you to audition for their October production of:

The Pirates of Penzance


As a young boy, Frederic was mistakenly apprenticed to a band of kind-hearted pirates. Now 21, he disavows the pirates’ life forever; or so he thinks!  After falling head over heels for Mabel, the daughter of a Major-General, Frederic sets out to rid the land and sea of his former pirate comrades. However, an unforeseen paradox puts all of Frederic’s plans in danger.



Frederic – the pirate apprentice, who has an overdeveloped sense of duty (aged 18+, tenor)

The Pirate King – the kind-hearted leader of the pirates, an orphan who won’t attack another orphan (18+, Baritone)

Sergeant of the Police – leader of the police, who plots with Frederic to exterminate the pirates (15+, baritone/bass)

Major-General Stanley – the very model of a modern Major-General, with a large family of daughters (15+, baritone)

Samuel – a pirate lieutenant (open age, any voice)

Jack – another pirate lieutenant (open age, any voice)

Ruth – a pirate wench of all work, and Frederic’s former nursemaid (aged 18+, mezzo soprano)

Mabel – the Major-General’s daughter, and Frederic’s love interest (aged 18+, soprano)

Edith, Kate and Isabel – some of the Major-General’s other daughters (any age, any voice type)

Pirate Chorus/Police Officers /General-Stanley’s Daughters (three chorus groups, age 5+, all voice types)

Please come prepared with two contrasting musical theatre pieces.  Rock or contemporary songs are not encouraged.

Children 10 and under may bring one piece and Disney is allowed for our younger auditionees.

You may bring along recorded backing music via phone or USB, or sheet music for our pianist to play.

Anyone auditioning for a role above, please make an individual audition booking.  If you are auditioning for a chorus role only, you must attend our group audition on Sunday June 24 at 1.30pm.  Please make sure to book in for this.

A dance audition will follow this at 2pm.  Everyone who auditions on both Thursday and Sunday MUST attend this.  Dance auditions will finish at 2.45pm with some auditionees asked to stay for an advanced dance audition until 3.15pm.

Rehearsals will be Thursday afternoons/evenings and Sunday afternoons from July 19th.  A meet and greet afternoon will be held during the July school holidays (July 8th)

Performances will be held at the Wyndham Cultural Centre on October 20th (at 7.30pm) and 21st (at 2pm)

Any questions feel free to contact us via the Facebook page, or email us on [email protected]

Book your audition time via our Trybooking event: