February 5, 2017 – February 7, 2017 all-day
Glebe Ave
Cheltenham VIC 3192
Mordialloc Theatre Company
The One Day of the Year @ Cheltenham | Victoria | Australia

Mordialloc Theatre Company is holding auditions for

The One Day of the Year

by Alan Seymour

Directed by Judy Corderoy

First performed in 1960 and undoubtedly one of Australia’s favourite plays, THE ONE DAY OF THE YEAR explores the universal theme of father–son conflict against the background of the beery haze and the heady, nostalgic sentimentality of Anzac Day.

It is a play to make us question a standard institution – Anzac Day, the sacred cow among Australian annual celebrations – but it is the likeability and genuineness of the characters that give the play its memorable qualities: Alf, the nobody who becomes a somebody on this day of days; Mum, the anchor of the family; Hughie, their son, with all the uncertainties and rebelliousness of youth; and Wacka, the Anzac, with his simple, healing wisdom.


Sunday 5 February 2017 – 2.00 pm

Tuesday 7 February – 7.30 pm

Audition venue: Guide Hall, Glebe Avenue Cheltenham


Performance dates: 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29 (matinee & evening), 30 April, 4, 5, 6 May

Evenings: 8 pm  Matinees: 2.30 pm

Please note that tech day will be Easter Sunday, and there will be a rehearsal on Easter Monday night.

Performance venue:  Shirley Burke Theatre, 64 Parkers Rd, Parkdale


 ALF     Age: 40-60 – Alf served his country during the war but now feels pushed aside. He works in a lowly job and resents the changes he sees happening in Australia. On Anzac Day once more he becomes a somebody.

The challenge for the actor is to ensure that for all Alf’s complaints and resentments the audience must like and come to understand him.


DOT    Age: 40-50 – Alf’s wife. She holds the family together.  Strong and stoic.  She sees what is happening with Hughie before Alf and is able to give both sides of the argument a hearing.


HUGHIE    Age: early 20s – their son. He’s at University and works as a photographer for the uni paper. He is exposed to a new way of seeing the world and is under the influence of his privileged girlfriend Jan. Hughie is a conflicted young man ashamed of his working class family and ashamed of his disloyalty.


WACKA    Age: 70s – a Gallipoli veteran.  Close family friend.  Gives the perspective of the digger who was actually present at the landing.


JAN    Age: early 20s – Hughie’s girlfriend. Jan is a private school educated confident young woman from Sydney’s North Shore. She encourages Hughie’s rebellion and plans to write the story that his photos will illustrate.