November 25, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – November 26, 2019 @ 10:00 pm

Auditions for Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre’s production of The Full Monty


Playwright:                         Simon Beaufoy


Director:                              Katie-Jane Amey


Performance season:     5 – 21 March, 2020 @ Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre


Audition Dates:                 Monday 25 November (7-10pm)

Tuesday 26 November (7-10pm)


Audition Venue:               Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre, 39-41 Castella Street, Lilydale, VIC, 3140


Auditions are by appointment and Auditionees will be provided with audition sides.


For more information and to book an audition, email Katie-Jane Amey at [email protected], providing the following:

  • A current theatre CV
  • A current headshot




Australian Premier production.

Based on the 1997 British film of the same name, this non-musical version is also set in Sheffield, UK. Six unemployed, working class men decide to do a one-time-only striptease to outdo a touring male strip show and make some desperately needed money.  But The Full Monty is not really about stripping; it’s a hilarious and heart-warming story about self-worth, dignity, honesty, authenticity and courage, as these men confront their fears of inadequacy, their insecurities and their failure to provide for their families.  And it’s about the women in their lives who love them and cheer them on.


Casting note:

*If you are auditioning for Gaz, Dave, Gerald, Lomper, Horse, or Guy, you need to be comfortable enough to perform on stage in your underwear. Will we go The Full Monty? Auditionees for these roles should be prepared to do so and agree to such to be considered for these roles. Trust is a key word for our production – you will be taken care of respectfully and our final moment will be powerful. You will not need to undress at auditions.

With the exception of Nathan, all actors auditioning must be 18+ by the time rehearsals begin.




GAZ * 30-40. An unemployed steel worker. A complex emotional character with serious heart and charisma, and genuine tenderness for his son – a regular guy. A bit rough around the edges but with a lot of depth to his character. A regular guy who wants to do right by his son.


DAVE * 30-40. An unemployed steel worker. He struggles with unemployment and its effect on his marriage. A lovable, good-natured soul, with body weight and self-esteem issues. Having a very hard time adjusting to his stay-home-husband status. Must be comfortable enough with your belly to proudly wield it in all its glory.


GERALD * 35-65. An unemployed steel works supervisor. He is a doting, prideful husband who is determined to keep his wife in upper middle class luxury – in spite of 6 months of secret unemployment. Aloof at first, his dance skills are what finally, and arduously, brings the group’s dancing alive. Goes along with Jerry’s plan in order to keep up his cover.


LOMPER * 25-40. Security guard for abandoned steel mill. Still lives at home and cares for his elderly mother. Lonely, quiet, awkward and uncertain. He enters the show in a dark way but grows in confidence as his new friends help him along, and develops feelings for Guy.


HORSE * 50+. Originally cast as ethnically/racially different from the other Monty men. Seemingly, his “break-dancing” days are over… until he breaks out. Gentle demeanour and excellent mover with great dead-pan comedy.


GUY * 25-40. The embodiment of virile male potential. Confident, outspoken and aware of his own attractiveness. Develops feelings for Lomper.


NATHAN “10 years old going on forty”. Can be an older/teen actor with playing age approx. 8-12 years. Gaz’s young son. Nathan can be stoic, sincere, and charming, but ultimately real as he deals with his parents’ custody battle. Hangs around most of the Monty Men’s rehearsals so he witnesses many adult things. Has one swear word. Please note – Parents should familiarise themselves with the script and its content before booking an audition for their child.


ALAN & OTHERS – Alan is the manager of the Bar where the Monty Men perform. Will also play other roles.


BARRY & OTHERS – Barry is Mandy’s fiancée; the opposite of Gaz– clean-cut, well-off. Will also play Brian the Job Club Manager and other roles.


ALF & OTHERS – Alf is an unemployed man who attends the Job Club with the Monty Men. Will also play other roles.


TERRY & OTHERS – Terry is an unemployed man who attends the Job Club with the Monty Men. Will also play other roles.


MANDY & OTHERS  – 30-40. Gaz’s estranged wife and Barry’s fiancée. In some ways Mandy has become a realist. She earnestly wants Jerry to be an active parent for Nathan, but wrestles with strong reservations about his character and her own lingering feelings for him. Will also play other roles.


JEAN & OTHERS  – 30-40. A warm, down-to-earth soul that isn’t afraid to kick up her heels. Believes in hard work and hard play. Her reality comes in dealing with her hubby’s struggles and trying to hold her marriage together. Will also play Guy’s sister Michelle and other roles.


LINDA & OTHERS – 30-60. Married to Gerald. Charming and energetic, She has a taste for the finer things but in reality, the finest thing in her eyes is Gerald. Flamboyant on the surface, her love and understanding are real. Classy, but easily one of the girls. Ideally able to dance (foxtrot, etc). Will also play Jean’s friend Bee and other roles.


SHARON & OTHERS – 30-40. Jean’s friend. Out for a good time and ultimately supportive of the men and their goal. Will also play other roles.


Other information:

Rehearsals will be Tuesday & Thursday Evenings and Sunday late afternoons/evenings.

Rehearsals will begin before Christmas, with a break for Christmas/New Year, then resume in early January.

Company Email: [email protected]

Company Website: http://www.lilydaleatc.com