May 28, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – May 29, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

The Female of the Species

By Joanna Murray-Smith

Directed by Mark Stratford


Auditions: Sunday May 28; 7.30pm

Monday May 29; 7.30pm

Season: Thurs 17 August – Sunday 27 August

Evenings 8.00; Sundays 2.00.

Venue: STAG: Strathmore Community Hall, Loeman Street, Strathmore,

Mel Ref 16 H10


Margot Mason is suffering from writer’s block. With her publisher on her case and a promise of a new best seller the following week, she’s struggled through all of 223 words. A celebrated feminist writer whose magnum opus The Cerebral Vagina made her famous thirty years ago, Margot has fallen on lean times. As opinionated and obstreperous as ever, relationships have never been Margot’s strong point as a sudden visitor Molly is keen to point out. The only problem is that Molly has a gun and is determined to kill Margot. Into this situation walks Tess, Margot’s daughter, who’s walked out on her children unable to cope any more, closely followed by her bemused husband Bryan. As gunshots echo around the room, Frank the taxi driver, bogged in the driveway, and Theo the publisher arrive to add to the confusion of whom exactly is responsible for what or whom. A delicious black comedy with a delightful twist and great fun to play, The Female of the Species is a 90 minute one actor full of zing and bite from start to finish.




 Margot Mason (60ish)


Slightly the wrong side of 60 and fiercely intelligent, Margot is dominating, self aggrandising and as far as she’s concerned an endlessly fascinating font of feminist wisdom. Although she’s perhaps not as sure of all that as she used to be. Margot has always had a tempestuous relationship with most people but especially her daughter Tess. A rich and diverse character this is a delightful role full of light and shade.



Molly Rivers. (early 20s)


Molly is an aspiring journalist keen to interview the feminist icon Margot Mason. Or at least that’s her cover story. Turning up on Margot’s doorstep, Molly suddenly brandishes a gun and handcuffs Margot to her desk. Determined to blame Margot for he own mother’s death, Molly is continually undermined and frustrated by the arrival of Tess, Bryan and the others who have their own scores to settle with Margot and the world.


Tess Thornton. ( 30s; lost.)


Margot’s daughter, Tess turns up at Margot’s after having walked out on her three children. She says she just needed to walk outside for a moment and just kept walking, got into a taxi and found herself at Margot’s. And who IS her father exactly? Old wounds come to the surface as Tess tries to get answers from a mother whom she always felt loved her less than her career. All Tess wanted was a normal life  – but now she’s not sure!


Bryan Thornton (30s – boyish good looks, genial, thick.)


Husband of Tess, Bryan is a solid citizen of the world, great on numbers and making soup, but not on exciting relationships. A delightful role, Bryan means well and has some great moments as foil to both Margot and Tess as well as annoying Molly when he pinches the gun! Good fun.


Frank ( 20s, good looking, olive or dark skinned)


The taxi driver who brought Tess to Margot’s, Frank is young and handsome and frustrated that none of his passengers are ever interested in HIS life. He’s tired of having to listen to all of their tales of woe and thinks it’s about time somebody listened to him for a change. And all the females of the Species just might be a bit smitten by him!


Theo Hanover ( 60, Margot’s publisher, gay)


Flamboyant and by turns frustrated and enthralled with Margot, Theo turns up to try and get something out of Margot only to be nearly shot as he walks in through the door. But what’s his secret that even he’s not quite sure of? Small role, but well written and lots of fun.





Please contact Mark Stratford on 0431369996, or [email protected] to organise an audition day. Auditions will be open and all auditionees will be required for up to an hour. Familiarity with audition scenes is required.

Further information and scripts available from the director. Good luck!