July 9, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – July 10, 2017 @ 9:00 pm

by David Williamson

Director: Gavin Williams


  • 6pm-9pm Sunday July 9, 2017
  • 6pm-9pm Monday July 10, 2017

Callbacks (If needed)

  • 6pm-9pm Tuesday July 11, 2017

Season dates: 8 September to 23 September, 2017 (Wed-Sat 8pm; Sun and final Sat 2pm)


It is well known in today’s society that to succeed in any elite team sport, a sporting club needs to be run like a business, with the highest level of professionalism.

It wasn’t always this way. David Williamson’s The Club explores the gauche transition from amateurism to professionalism that many elite sporting clubs endured. A time where necessary evolution clashed bitterly with time-honoured traditions, and accountability was a dirty word.

Williamson’s impulsive characters, and their volatile relationships, are brutally exposed as they struggle to either obtain, regain or maintain power in the back rooms of The Clube.


  • 5 Males (ages 20s – 60s)
  • 1 Female (aged 30 – 60+)


(Please note that ages are indicative only)

  • Geri (Female 30-60+): Club administrator. Extremely good at playing politics with the egos around her. Gets her own way through coercion and manipulation, so it never looks like responsibility for decisions rests on her shoulders. This is a gender swapped character.
  • Ted (Male 50-70+): New president of an unsuccessful club. Has never played for the club, so having troubles getting respect within the club for that reason. Owns a pie business, which is struggling financially, and has invested a lot of his own money into the club. Proud and desperately wants to be seen as the saviour of the club.
  • Laurie (Male 40-55): Long serving coach. Iconic and well respected figure at the club. Loved by his players. Has wanted to spend money on acquiring players for years, with the club resisting, so is angry that the club has bought Geoff without his consultation. Realises the management of the club are working against him and looking to scapegoat him for their inability to win a premiership for 19 years.
  • Danny (Male 30-35): Nearing the end of what has been an illustrious and celebrated career. Despite being much loved within the club, Danny’s form is fading and he is struggling to keep up with the game. Personally his marriage and his finances are in turmoil. He is very proud and trying desperately to resolve both issues. Has incredible loyalty to his coach.
  • Jock (Male 60+): Former president and legend of the club. Games record holder and last premiership winning coach. Dislikes current coach and wants him out. Inserts himself in all elements of the running of the club, trying to stay relevant and involved in the dynamic power games. Is manipulative and deceitful in getting what he wants.
  • Geoff (Male 20-30): The clubs new star recruit, who has been paid big dollars by the club. Sees the men running the club for what they are and is openly contemptuous of them. Realises he is just a piece of meat to them, a player to be bartered, and responds accordingly.CHESTER LEE. Chester is a newly-arrived Australian-born Vietnamese primary school teacher. He is very new to the organising committee. The joker of the piece.


  • Location: 36 Turnham Ave, Rosanna, Vic (opp. Rosanna Stn.)
  • To assist with planning of audition sessions, please email the director and nominate which audition session you wish to attend, and which, if any, character you are interested ([email protected] ).
  • Please bring to the audition a printed, non-returnable, roughly 8×10 sized headshot (printed on A4 paper is fine) with your name and phone number written on the back.
  • Audition forms will be available to be completed at the audition.
  • Format will be individual and paired auditions. You will prepare and deliver a maximum 3 min monologue and then work in tandem with another auditionee (preferably auditioning a different role to you) on a scene from the play, as provided by the director. Audition process should last approx. half an hour.
  • Accents: A standard Australian Accent will be employed by this production


Day of last performance Sep 23 has 2 show