August 14, 2016 all-day
Gemco Players

Presented by Gemco Players

Director: Tanya Ryder-Barnes

Fast-moving, inventive and highly entertaining, Teechers is John Godber’s brilliant take on life at a modern Comprehensive. Through their hilarious end-of-term play, three fifth-formers exuberantly sketch the new drama teacher’s progress through two terms of recalcitrant classes, cynical colleagues and obstructive caretakers. This is a modern classic with something vital to say about education for the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.


Sunday 14 August, 6pm.  Workshop style audition.  If you are interested in attending please contact Carmela on 0419592317 or [email protected] to book your place in the workshop.

2016 Show Dates: November Friday 11, 18, 25;  Saturday 12, 19, 26 at 8pm. Sunday 13, 20 at 3pm (matinee)

Location:  The Gem Theatre in Emerald Victoria (Kilvington Drive)


Ian “Salty” Salt: a school-leaver, bright and fresh-faced, rather dirty in appearance (also plays Teacher B, Jeff Nixon, Pete Saxon, Oggy Moxon, Derek Basford, Mr Hatton and Deanie)

Lillian “Hobby” Hobson: Shy. Should be very large, must be bigger than the other two. She is doing the play despite herself (also plays Mrs Cordelia Parry, Ms Jones, Mr Basford, Ron, Simon “Piggy” Patterson, Oggy Moxon and Mrs Clifton)

Gail Saunders: Loud mouthed and bossy, attractive and full of enthusiasm (also plays Teacher A, Ms Maureen Whitham, Oggy Moxon, Mr Basford, Miss Jackie Prime, Barry Wobschall, Dennis, Doug and Mrs Coates)