February 12, 2017 – February 15, 2017 all-day
Spring Awakening

StageArt proudly presents the Tony award winning hit:

Spring Awakening

Book and Lyrics by Steven Sater
Music by Duncan Sheik

MAY 12 – JUNE 11
Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne

Executive Producers Katherine Armstrong and Robbie Carmellotti
Director: Robbie Carmellotti
Musical Director: Caleb Garfinkel
Choreographer: Zoee Marsh

General Information

The cast of StageArt’s SPRING AWAKENING, will consist of 15 singers, actors and dancers who can all pass as 16yrs on stage (actual age is not relevant) and 2 adults who can pass as 35+ (actual age is not relevant). The production requires all singers to have a  Musical Theatre style voice with distinctions of rock and folk. Adult characters must be excellent actors with great comic timing, all adult singing is with ensemble only.

This musical will be staged with a mixture of contemporary, jazz and urban choreography, so skills in any or all of those areas would be beneficial. The adult characters don’t need dance experience. Instrument skills such as piano and guitar are highly regarded but not essential.

No roles have been pre-cast in this production. The minimum age requirement to audition is 16. If you are under the age of 18 we need your parent or guardian to sign your consent to audition and your cast agreement, if successful. Please be aware this production features adult content.  This production will run with x2 male and x2 female ensemble who will understudy all roles and feature in several group numbers. They will also sing off stage if required. 

This production will be cast in a colour blind format, we are not approaching the process with any pre conceived ideas on how any role should look. We strongly encourage people of all backgrounds to attend.

As with all StageArt shows, SPRING AWAKENING will run in an ‘open call’ format and we welcome everyone to attend who wishes to be considered.

Please be aware if auditioning for the roles of Melchior or Wendla (or their understudies) these roles will require full nudity. 


MELCHIOR: A smart, headstrong boy who refuses to bow down to society’s rules. An atheist. Struggles with his intense feelings for Wendla. G2 – G4. This role requires full nudity and strong adult content including sex scenes.

MORITZ: A troubled student who desperately tries to please his father, but always seems to disappoint him. Has haunting dreams. Melchior’s best friend. B2 – A4 Tenor.

WENDLA: Innocent, but with every passing day, she grows more curious about the world around her. Both vulnerable and a willing participant in her evolution. G3 – E5. This role requires full nudity and strong adult content including sex scenes.

ILSE: Martha’s sister, who shares her dark secret and has run away from home to live in an artists’ colony. Moritz’s last hope. G3 – E5.

HANSCHEN: A schoolmate of Melchior’s who is comfortable with his own sexuality and uses his looks and intelligence to manipulate another student. C3 – A4 Bari-tenor.

ERNST: A schoolmate of Melchior’s. Naive, easily manipulated. Unsure. C3 – A4 Bari-tenor.

MARTHA: A schoolgirl with a life-changing secret. G3 – E5.

THEA: Wendla’s best friend. A schoolgirl who tries to stay innocent and pure. A3 – E5.

OTTO: A classmate of Melchior’s who struggles with feelings he considers inappropriate. C3 – B4 Bari-tenor.

GEORG: A schoolmate of Melchior’s who is overcome with his feelings for his piano teacher. D3 – D5 Tenor, Georg needs to be able to sing up to an D5 in falsetto. The bulk of his range is between. Ab2 – A4. (Piano skills are an advantage)

ANNA: A German schoolgirl and Martha’s best friend. Has a difficult time understanding Martha’s trials. A3 – C5.

ADULT MAN: Multiple roles, including HERR STIEFL (Mortiz’s father), HERR GABOR (Melchior’s Father), and HERR SONNENSTITCH (the boy’s teacher).

ADULT WOMAN: Multiple roles, including FANNY (Melchior’s mother), FRAU BERGMAN

(Wendla’s mother), and the teacher.

ENSEMBLE: X2 FEMALES AND X2 MALES, These cast members will understudy all roles and feature in several onstage numbers as well as contribute to off stage vocals. 


Open Call Audition: Sunday February 12,
Solo Audition Days: Monday February 13 (11am – 5pm)
Tuesday February 14 (3pm – 10pm)
Wednesday February 15 (11am – 5pm)
Call Back Audition: Saturday February 18, from 11am


StageArt runs a unique audition process designed to give opportunities to everyone in a non biased manner. This is a relaxed environment and allows artists to mix with the creative team in a workshop manner. 

OPEN CALL AUDITIONS (Sunday February 12)

All prospective cast members attend an open call audition which requires them to learn a section of a song, dance and scene and then perform it for the panel. From this open call, the panel selects candidates to attend solo auditions. The panel will see groups through the day. 

SOLO AUDITIONS (February 13, 14, 15)

Those who have been successful in gaining a solo audition now are given a ten minute appointment with the panel. You will be asked to prepare maximum 24 bars two contrasting songs, in the style of SPRING AWAKENING that best demonstrate your vocal range and ability. You may also be asked to perform a cold reading in the audition.

* You may sing songs from the show, but please bring the sheet music
* Please bring sheet music in the correct key and in an appropriate folder
* Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your audition time

CALL BACKS (Saturday February 18)

The final stage is to see every potential cast member in their potential role against all other candidates. Information will be given to all candidates at the same time.

– All rehearsal and production details can be found via www.stageart.com.au/auditions


To book your audition please complete the registration document via our website or the following link:


You will need a current headshot (no bigger than 1mb in JPEG) and a current CV (2 pages maximum in PDF format).

If you have further questions please contact [email protected].