February 4, 2017 – February 6, 2017 all-day
36 Turnham Ave
Rosanna VIC 3084
Heidelberg Theatre Company
Pride and Prejudice @ Rosanna | Victoria | Australia


Adapted by Simon Reade from the novel by Jane Austen

Director: Tim Scott

The Play

This is a lively adaptation of Austen’s novel with all the principal characters and events represented. It opens and closes with Mrs Bennet’s declaration that “it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” and that is essentially the story arc of the play. All actors will need to do some dancing (nothing complicated); the play begins and ends in dance and there are two scenes of local balls.


Saturday 4 February, 5 – 7pm and 7 – 9pm (choose either)
Monday 6 February, 6.30 – 9.30pm
Call-backs: TBA

Season dates:           April 28 to May 13, 2017
(Wed-Sat 8pm; Sun and final Sat 2pm)

Rehearsals:              Wednesday and Thursday, 7-10 pm;
Sunday, 2-6 pm (all day leading up to production week)

Audition Information

  • Format will be Group auditions. You will be asked to read one or more scenes from the play. The scenes will be provided at the audition. Be prepared to stay for a couple of hours if needed.
  • To assist with planning of audition sessions, please email the director and nominate which audition (including which session if Saturday) you wish to attend ([email protected]).
  • If you are interested in a particular part, please indicate that in your email.
  • Please bring to the audition a non-returnable, recent photo (passport-size is ideal) with your name written on the back.
  • Audition forms will be available to be completed at the audition.
  • Accents: a variety of English accents for all roles, ranging from cultivated to broad according to character
  • Auditions will be held at Heidelberg Theatre: 36 Turnham Ave, Rosanna (opposite Rosanna Railway Station car park)



 (Please note that ages are indicative only):

  • MR BENNET (Male, 50s): more fond of the country and books than of his wife; father to five daughters whom he doesn’t really understand, except for Elizabeth, whom he favours over the others.
  • MRS BENNET (Female, 40s-50s): herself married for 23 years, she is unashamedly determined to see her daughters well-married. She can be loud, brash and at times embarrassing. Prone to wild, emotional outbursts and occasional fits of hysteria!
  • The five Bennet girls (Female, late teens-20s):
    • JANE, the oldest: quiet, calm and even-tempered, she always sees the best in people;
    • ELIZABETH, the sharpest of them all, ready to criticise and pass judgement, not slow to speak her mind, in many ways very modern and very likable;
    • MARY, seems to prefer books to people, very serious and not especially talented;
    • KITTY, weaker than her younger sister, Lydia, but keen to follow her in all ways;
    • LYDIA, the youngest and wildest of them, shows little restraint in her behaviour, self-indulgent, very sure of herself but for the wrong reasons; both Lydia and Kitty are interested only in amusement and vanity.
  • CHARLES BINGLEY (Male, 20s): he has an easy manner, is immediately attractive and likable but somewhat naïve and easily led by his close friend Darcy.
  • FITZWILLIAM DARCY (Male, late 20s): strikingly handsome, he is also somewhat proud and aloof when we first meet him; clever but reserved, and capable of giving offence easily.
  • WICKHAM (Male, mid 20s): he appears pleasant and ingratiating but his openness conceals a false and deceitful character.
  • MR COLLINS (early 20s-30s): a country parson out of necessity rather than choice, he is awkward and overly serious, prone to sermonising even in his everyday conversation.
  • CAROLINE BINGLEY (Female, 20s): Bingley’s sister, she prizes her elegance and her social standing, and harbours ambitions to marry Darcy (not reciprocated!).
  • CHARLOTTE LUCAS (Female, 20s): very pragmatic, she marries Collins because she knows she won’t get a better offer and is resigned to what that means for her life.
  • SIR WILLIAM LUCAS (Male, 40s+): Charlotte’s father, he is friendly and kind but lacks sophistication.
  • REYNOLDS (Male, 50s): he is a loyal and devoted servant of the Darcy family.
  • MRS GARDINER (Female, 40s): Mrs Bennet’s sister-in-law and in many ways her opposite: she is calm, intelligent and knowing.
  • LADY CATHERINE DE BOURGH (Female, 50s+): an imposing woman, convinced of her social superiority; eager to exert her assumed authority over all around her, she expects all to do as she says.
  • GEORGIANA DARCY and MISS DE BOURGH (Female, late teens-20s): these roles could be doubled (Miss De Bourgh doesn’t speak, but is spoken for by her mother, Lady Catherine); Georgiana is Darcy’s younger sister, quiet and accomplished.
  • There is a possibility of including a couple of YOUNG FOOTMEN (non-speaking) who would be costumed actors and have key roles in helping move elements of the set etc.

Other Information

  • Day of last performance May 13 has 2 shows: 2.00 pm and 8.00 pm