February 3, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – February 7, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
11 Stornoway Rd
Camberwell VIC 3124
Mad Cat Theatre Company
One Life, No Regrets @ Camberwell | Victoria | Australia

Mad Cat Theatre Company is excited to be auditioning for another original musical –

One Life, No Regrets!

After our successful original 2016 production, ‘Baba Yaga’, based on a Russian fairytale, Mad Cat Theatre is now presenting a dramatic, heartfelt Australian story.

The musical, ‘One Life, No Regrets!’ opens in Johnny’s new North Melbourne home, it’s New Year’s Eve, 1959 – and the party’s rocking! 1950’s records, jive, full swing skirts, fill the stage, and we meet Johnny and his friends, celebrating, not only a new year but a new decade. We watch as Johnny meets Beccy and they fall in love… “Do you believe in love at first sight?” …. “I…do.”

Fast forward ten years to 1969 – rock ‘n’ roll, mini-skirts, flower power – and Johnny and Beccy’s lives!

‘One Life, No Regrets!’ moves through six scenes covering six decades… always New Year’s Eve, always in the same lounge room, following the lives of not only Johnny and Beccy but also their family and friends. World and Australian issues and fads of the time are touched on. As with most people, their lives do not run smoothly, scandals and internal struggles gate-crash the party.

A story about life; life-cycles, changes in thinking, fashion, dance and music – though some things never change. Real and moving issues are explored with humour, uplifting moments and past memories that strike a chord with the audience.

Lead roles need strong actors – some age by 50 years over the course of the musical. The chorus plays an integral part with heaps of choreographed song and dance numbers. Non-dancers are also encouraged to audition. Mad Cat Theatre Company aims to give everyone a moment to shine.

Come and audition – be part of something new and exciting!


Auditions in 10-minute slots – please arrange a time with us beforehand.

To book your audition, please email [email protected] or call 0438 907 372. Please give your name and age, a range of times you’re available, email, contact phone number, character/s you’re auditioning for and how you heard about the auditions.

Singing and Acting:

Friday 3rd February 7-9.30pm

Sunday, 5th February 2-6pm

Tuesday 7th February 7-9pm

(additional audition times will be scheduled if needed)

Dancing auditions: Tuesday, 7th February 7-8.30pm

Audition and Rehearsal Venue: Lynden Park Hall, 11 Stornoway Rd, Camberwell

If you cannot make both singing/acting and dance auditions, please let us know, and we will try to work something out.

Rehearsals for acting will be Tuesdays 7.00 pm – 9.30pm and on Sundays 3.00 -6.00 pm to rehearse songs and dance routines, to begin with, before combining.

You will be given a rehearsal schedule in advance, you may not be required at all rehearsals.

Acting: You’ll be emailed a short piece for each character you wish to audition for. You’re not expected to memorise the piece, however, please be familiar with the part you’re interested in.

Singing: You’ll need to prepare one musical theatre song which you feel showcases your singing. Please provide a backing track on iPod, iPad, CD, USB or phone. (Not acappella)

Auditions will be in 10-minute timeslots. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your audition timeslot to fill out audition paperwork.

Performances at Kew Renaissance Theatre on:

Friday, 12th May (opening night)

Saturday, 13th May (matinee)

Saturday, 13th May (night)

Sunday, 14th May (matinee)

You will be required for two dress rehearsals on Thursday, 11th May from 6.30pm and Friday, 12th May from 3.30pm


The ageing process will be done through make-up, wigs or greying of hair, glasses etc. With quick costume changes ageing will be kept simple but if you have one of the lead roles you will need to think about the ageing of your character – subtle changes in each scene – do they stoop a little in the later scenes, have less energy, subtle voice change.


JOHNNY: (Male, playing ages 20, through 30, 40, 50 to 60) Charismatic, high energy go-getter. Very charming, he falls head over heels for Beccy but later in life is tempted to cheat and his life takes a different direction. As was common in the 1950’s and 60’s he’s a smoker which will be subtly portrayed, with a niggling cough which eventually kills him (emphysema).

BECCY: (Female, playing ages 20, through 30, 40, 60 to 70) Sweet and kind, Beccy becomes Johnny’s wife and a stay-at-home mum. After Johnny cheats on her, she thinks about what she really wants from life and follows her dream of becoming a doctor.

SARAH: (Female, playing ages 20 through 30, 40, 50 to 60) A jaw-dropping villain, attractive, vivacious, she goes after what she wants even if it’s her friend’s husband! Knocked up at 20 by Sam, she’s forced to marry him then finds a way out of her loveless marriage by stealing Johnny off her friend Beccy.

GAZZA: (Male, playing ages 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 to 70) He’s very Aussie, a comedic element in the play, Gazza is hilarious, a little out there, kind hearted and cocky, he always thinks he’s right – but he never is!

SAM: (Male, playing ages 20, 30, to 40) Johnny’s friend and Sarah’s husband is good natured and kind. Stuck in a loveless marriage with Sarah who doesn’t treat him well, he volunteers to go to the Vietnam War where he’s injured.

KATIE: (Female, playing ages 18, 28, 38, to 48 Daughter of Johnny and Beccy, she has a crush on Steven. Unlucky in love Katie finally finds love.

STEVEN: (Male, playing ages 20 through to 40) Son of Sarah and Sam, Steven always dates attractive women. A bit broody it’s revealed that he’s gay (something he finally realises).


SHAZZA: (Female, playing ages 30, 60 to 70) A genuine person is a little out there like Gazza, she dates him when she’s 30 and contacts him later in life to re-connect.

KIM: (Female of Asian descent, 25) Steven’s date in 1979

BOB: (Male) A friend of Johnny’s who attends most parties and is married to Barbara.

BARBARA: (Female) A friend of Sarah’s who attends most parties is married to Bob.

MATT: (Male, playing 35, 45) Katie’s love interest and then husband

There are a lot of supporting roles – people at the party engaging in various conversations.

We have children already cast in the younger roles.