Professional touring production of Menopause The Musical – Women on Fire (The sequel)

Touring October – November – December 2017 / March-April-May 2018 / October-November 2018. (must be available for all blocks)

Performance dates and locations TBA
Director- Alli Pope

Rehearsal period  – Monday 9 October to Saturday 28 October 2017.

Location – Brisbane and Caloundra.

Payment-  Performers collective agreement 2011-2013


Auditions – Brisbane – by appointment – Friday 23 and Saturday 24 June – with call back if required on Sunday 25 June.

Please send headshots and CV outlining singing / musical theatre experience to [email protected]



Very healthy, into Yoga & very Zen, herbal medicines vegetarian, & is the Birkenstocks type. She lives near Byron with her “husband” who she met there on a vacation. She of the four woman has the least baggage…she is warmer, and the least judgmental.

Females, aged 40 and over


A Businesswoman with attitude; she is in a position of power and has earned every dollar working twice as hard as her male counterparts; a control freak, out of control with the big M and has little patience with the havoc it is reeking on her life. Her rise to the top of the heap (i.e. owning her own company) has left her with little relationship…to her daughter, her mother..she is pre-occupied with power. And it has always been difficult for her to identify if it was fear of failure or fear.

Females, aged 40 and over


Well preserved. Obviously past the Ingenue character that she has played in a popular soap opera, struggling to come to grips with ageing because it affects her livelihood as well as her life. She is the most shallow of the four in that she places importance on the superficial. She is manipulative and uses her celebrity to advantage.

Females, aged 40 and over


Not quite in shape; her clothes make her look frumpier than she really is i.e. no sense of style. She is in town with her husband who is on a convention and is trying to rekindle their romance on a second honeymoon to no avail. She wears bifocals and carries her handbag under her arm constantly. Had her children later in life so they are still at home. She has a naive wisdom; she prattles oblivious to that fact that no one is paying attention.

Females, aged 40 and over