March 29, 2020 – March 30, 2020 all-day

A Period Mystery-Thriller

by Edward Percy & Reginald Denham

Directed by Martin Gibbs

0411 645 003 & [email protected]


Audition dates: Sunday March 29 at 2pm and Monday 30 March at 7.30pm 

Please call to advise if you will be attending or if you are unavailable on that day.

Audition venue: Guide Hall, Glebe Avenue, Cheltenham

Season dates: 12, 13, 14*, 18, 19, 20**, 21*, 25, 26, 27 June, 2020

Evenings: 8 pm  

Matinees:  * Sundays 2.30 pm  ** Saturday Matinee 2.30 pm & Evening 8 pm

Season venue: Shirley Burke Theatre, 64 Parkers Rd, Parkdale



Set in an isolated cottage on the Thames Estuary in 1885, a former showgirl/actress, Miss Fiske, and her long-time companion and housemate, Ellen, become involved in competing schemes that grow more sinister after the arrival at their home of Ellen’s two sisters. A surprise turn of events will keep you glued to the unfolding story that has been described as one of the best stage thrillers of its time.

First staged in 1939 as England was starting WWII, London was in a blackout, and most theatres were closed it was an enormous hit, running for a total of 301 performances.

A veteran of nearly 50 productions, some of our director, Martin Gibbs’s, previous productions at Mordialloc include GASLIGHT, THE ENTERTAINER, THE COLLECTOR, THE SHOEHORN SONATA, VISITING MR. GREEN, ALBERT NOBBS, AUSTRALIA DAY and MR. BAILEY’S MINDER.



Lucy Gilham, maid – 20’s to early 30’s – medium role. Pretty, flighty, easily led.

Leonora Fisk, cottage owner – probably 60’s to 70’s – large role but only required in Act 1.  Retired ex-showgirl/actress. Theatrical in manner, good hearted with a quick wit and rather quick temper.

Ellen Creed – housekeeper/companion – mid 50’s to mid 60’s – major role.  Authoritative and striking in manner with considerable dignity.

Albert Feather, Ellen’s nephew – early 20’s to mid 30’s  – medium role.  A “jack-the–lad”, dodgy, cocky, jaunty and impudent, but lazy – popular with the ladies.

Louisa Creed, elder sister of Ellen and Emily – late 60’s to late 70’s – medium role.  Simple like a child, fluttering and fretful but at times decidedly comical.

Emily Creed, elder sister of Louisa and Ellen – late 60’s to late 70’s – medium role.  Simple, sullen and resents her inability to fend for herself.

Sister Theresa, Catholic nun – 50 to 70 – small role.  Jolly and cheerful.

The above ages and descriptions are a guide only. We are looking for actors who look right, and who can play the ages stated and not necessarily be that age. So please don’t wait to be asked if you feel you could play any of the characters. No roles have been precast.

It is necessary that you are familiar with the play when you come to the auditions. 

Copies of the script can be obtained by phoning or emailing the director.