November 24, 2018 – November 27, 2018 all-day
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

MLOC Production Inc presents
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

Performance dates: 24 May to 1 June 2019

Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkdale (Melbourne)

Audition Dates: 

Vocal: 24 (daytime) & 27 (evening) November 2018

Dance: 29 November 2018 (evening)

Call Backs:  6 December 2018

AUDITION BOOKINGS: https://www.trybooking.com/ZFEWk

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is a story about the triumph of the common man amid the buffoonery of big business. When a restless, creative, and ambitious window washer named J. Pierrepont Finch happens upon a book entitled ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’, he decides to begin his rise the corporate ladder. 

With the book’s instructions and a dose of his own cleverness, Finch starts by landing a job in the mailroom at the World-Wide Wicket Company, before quickly gaining promotions and outsmarting his scheming, snivelling rival, Frump – who also happens to be the boss’s nephew– until finally reaching the very top of the organization. From the very beginning, Finch has had the love and support of Rosemary, a marriage-minded secretary who recognizes Finch’s potential, and finds his innocent demeanour endearing. But in his single-minded pursuit of the top job, Finch is in danger of discounting Rosemary’s love. In a moment of crisis, Finch’s manual to success can no longer help him: he must rely on his own wits, and ultimately, his heart, to save the day. 



J. PIERREPONT FINCH – Window cleaner. (Male – Age 20-35, tenor) Finch is young and driven to succeed in the business world. He exhibits a great amount of charm and pluck but is never completely trustworthy. He will vacillate between uncertainty and over-confidence 

J.B. BIGGLEY – President of the World-Wide Wicket Company. (Male – Age 45-60, baritone) Biggley is a self-important blowhard. He is the head of the company and makes sure everyone knows it. However, he is completely brought to his knees by the women in his life.  

BUD FRUMP – Biggley’s nephew. (Male – Age 20-40, tenor) Frump is a lazy weasel who expects to succeed in the company through nepotism. He appears to have everything put together, but the people who know him, know the truth.  

ROSEMARY PILKINGTON – Office Secretary (Female – Age 20-35, mezzo or alto) Rosemary is beautiful, loyal and long-suffering. She is in love with Finch and supports him in his climb to succeed in the company. She is spurned and ignored several times throughout the show and continues to return to Finch.  

HEDY LA RUE – The Other Woman (Female – Age 20-40, soprano or mezzo) Hedy is the sexy bombshell who is having an affair with Biggley. She is not bright but knows how to use her looks to succeed in the company. She later appears as the pirate mascot in the company “treasure hunt.”  

SMITTY – Office Secretary (Female – Age 20-45, mezzo or alto) Smitty is friend and confidant of Rosemary. She is less idealistic than Rosemary and encourages her in her efforts to snag Finch.  

MISS JONES – Mr. Biggsley’s secretary (Male – Age 20-60, high belt) Miss Jones is the extremely gruff executive secretary to the head of the company. She is the one that keeps Biggley in line, and all the employees try to stay out of her way. She breaks this mould late in the show with an upbeat solo. This character must be a belter.  

BERT BRATT – Personnel Manager (Male – Age 20-60, baritone) Harried executive that does a quality job. Bratt is central to the hiring’s and firings that move the plot along and is one of the only executives who seems to do his job.  

MR TWIMBLE – Head of the Mail Room (Male – Age 30-60, baritone) Hardworking low-level executive who has been beaten down by working in the mail room for too many years. He is a genuinely likeable guy.  

WALLY WOMPER – Chairman of the Board (Male – Age 40-70, baritone) Womper is a grumpy looking man who is largely silent. When he does speak, he is revealed to be a gruff but charming man who is proud of his blue-collar background.  

MISS KRUMHOLTZ – Mr. Gatch’s secretary (Female – Age 20-60, soprano, mezzo, or alto) Miss Krumholtz is the professional secretary that is completely loyal to the executive she is assigned to that day.  

MILT GATCH – Head of Plans and Systems (Male – Age 20-60, tenor, baritone, or bass) Gatch is a confident and handsome junior executive who is not immune to an attractive female.  

BENJAMIN BURTON DANIEL OVINGTON – New head of advertising (Male – Age 20-40, tenor, baritone, or bass) Ovington is the golden boy. Tall, handsome, athletic and smart. He is hired to head up the advertising department 

Company employees, executives and secretaries. Some of the ensemble members can double up and play some of the supporting roles. Ideally, we would love a small group of featured dancers that would be a part of the ensemble as well.