September 5, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – September 6, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

by Roger Hall


Directed by Div Collins


Audition Enquiries Contact

Copies of the script can be obtained by contacting the director via [email protected] or 0423 505 980.


Audition Dates & Times

Sunday 5 September at 2pm  & Monday 6 September at 7pm

Audition venue:

Factory 8/417-419 Warrigal Rd, Cheltenham


Performance dates

November 12, 13, 14*, 18, 19, 20**, 20, 21*, 25, 26, 27

**Saturday matinee 2.30 pm, *Sunday matinees 2.30 pm

Evenings: 8 pm


Performance venue

Shirley Burke Theatre, 64 Parkers Rd, Parkdale



It’s 2007 and guidebook in hand, recently retired librarians Alison and Adrian are excitedly embarking on their long-awaited, carefully saved for and meticulously planned trip of a lifetime to Italy. But when their best friends pull out at the last minute, they find themselves sharing their precious holiday with their new neighbours, Harry and his second (but not trophy!) wife, Judy.

As these delightfully mismatched couples valiantly negotiate late flights, missed bookings, changed plans and Rome’s infamous Ring Road, it’s not just the Italians the intrepid travellers have to deal with – it’s also each other in this highly entertaining comedy.



Adrian (40s-50s). Recently retired university librarian. He is reserved and repressed, but also intelligent and self-deprecating. Adrian tells the story of the play directly to the audience.

Alison (40s-50s). Adrian’s wife, also a former librarian. Alison is disappointed in what life has thrown at her, which is partly why she over-organises so much of her life. She is determined for their holiday to go according to her itinerary, which leads to all sorts of tension and conflict.

Harry (40s-50s). Retired businessman. Jovial, outspoken, and unashamedly right-wing. Harry loves enjoying the spoils his hard work has provided. He’s energetic, flirty, and finds it hard to admit when he’s at fault.

Judy (40s). Harry’s second, younger (but not by too much), wife.  Outgoing and confident, Judy genuinely loves Harry. She’s warm and friendly but isn’t afraid to defend herself if pushed.

Italian Male and Female (30s-40s). There are multiple supporting characters to be played throughout the show. Some are silent, others have lines (either speaking Italian or English with different Italian accents (alters based on age and background), but all are amusing and present an excellent physical and vocal challenge.



Accents: Both couples are from Australia, so no accents for them are required. The Italian Male & Female will be required to speak a little Italian as dictated by the script and the remaining English lines with an Italian accent.

Noone has been precast for this production.

Rehearsals are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sundays at times to be discussed and finalised on casting.