GTC is so proud to announce auditions for their first production of 2019: Dinkum Assorted by Linda Aronson.

Director – Hannah Bird
Musical Director – Lachie Trappet

Probably the only play in the world written for a cast of fifteen women and a nanny goat, Dinkum Assorted is a wild comedy with music and tap dancing, set alongside some thought-provoking stories about women striving for personal and professional freedom.

Set in an Australian country town biscuit factory during World War II the play shows how the all-female cast of factory workers fight to save the factory, run a ‘Mum’s Army’ Civil Defence Unit, put on a show for the War Effort – and cope with the fact that two thousand US airmen have just been stationed outside town.

Portraying the hilarious and poignant adventures of women working in a biscuit factory in remote North Queensland during World War II. Dinkum Assorted offers fifteen female artists the opportunity to laugh, cry, sing and tap dance around stage as they plot to save Australia’s iconic biscuit, become air raid wardens, put on a show for two thousand American airmen, and kidnap Rita the goat, the regimental mascot.

Joan – 25+
An elegant, well-spoken and intense woman attempting to get custody of her only daughter. Joan has only just moved to town and started work at the factory.

Connie – 60+
Larger than life tea lady of the factory. The lady who knows all the gossip. Connie is originally for the North of England and not always popular with the other ladies.

Millie – 25+
Newly widowed. Millie cannot accept the news of her husband’s death as truth.

Grace – 50+
Forewoman of the Wafer biscuit department. Forceful take charge character.

Vi – Late teens – Early 20’s
Vi has stars in her eyes and is going to be a star in Hollywood one day (or maybe Tamworth).

Rosie – Late teens – Early 20’s
Vi’s best friend she tries to keep up with Vi’s theatrical expectations but she is not that ambitious.

Florrie – 50+
A woman who tells it like it is and is not afraid to make sure the young ones know it.

Big Beat – No defined age
A tall and imposing woman. Little Beat’s best friend.

Little Beat – No defined age
Big beat’s best friend

Ethel – 40+
The perpetual victim who is nobody’s fool.

Pearl – 40+
The hard working straight talking forewoman of the cream biscuit department.

Glad – 20+
The extremely pregnant woman who can fix anything mechanical.

Doris – 25+
Friend of Edie

Edie – 25+
Friend of Doris

Please note the age ranges are just a guide and Hannah will be considering people of all ages for all parts. No parts have been precast.

The auditions will be held on Sunday the 9th of December at Montrose public hall.

Please keep that venue in mind when you audition to make sure the travel time will be manageable for you as this will be where we are rehearsing.

Auditions commence from 10am that morning.

Please prepare one monologue from an Australian play. You may be asked to cold read a scene.

If you’re stuck for monologue choices, send Hannah an email and she’ll send you some suggestions.

Whilst there are songs in the show, Hannah is more focused on comedic and dramatic acting ability. She won’t be requiring singing in your audition.

These will be held on Wednesdays (7-10pm) and Sundays (10-3pm) commencing from the 13th of December. There will be a break from the 23rd of December over Christmas and New Years and we will be starting back on the 7th of January, Rehearsals are held in Montrose.

Our show dates are the 28th, 29th and 30th of March. The show venue is TBC.

Please keep in mind dates in 2019 that you’re not available and if you find they’ll clash with the rehearsals/season a bit too much we’d advise waiting for GTC’s next show. This is a show very much reliant on ensemble so we’ll need a really tight knit and committed cast.

To book your audition, please send Hannah an email at [email protected] and she’ll book in a time for you.

We look forward to meeting you all (and maybe seeing some familiar faces)!