About the Company: Smoke and Mirrors is a new Melbourne based theatre company dedicated to creating, developing and fostering new theatrical works. Self-declared as ‘Unashamedly Showy’, Smoke and Mirrors Productions revels in all the bells and whistles, presenting theatre that is fun, entertaining and thought provoking.

About the Show: Dial M for Murder was written by Frederick Knott and had its premiere on BBC Television in 1952. It subsequently opened on the West and Broadway later that same year. The play was made into a film in 1954 by Alfred Hitchcock and was Hitchcock’s only attempt at making a 3D film.

Synopsis: The iconic thriller reimagined. Tony Wendice blackmails a criminal to murder his wife Margot, in order for him to collect her inheritance. She overpowers the killer and Tony has to make a new plan. Can Tony frame Margot for murder and get away with it or will her lover, Mark use his crime writing tactics to solve the case?

This new production will pay homage to the Hitchcock classic and noir genre whilst putting a contemporary edge on the story, inspired by films such as Drive, Nocturnal Animals and Mullholand Drive. The conceptual staging will feature stylised performances, bold costume and set design, dynamic lighting and an electrifying soundtrack; making for a sensory charged night at the theatre.

We strongly encourage actors of colour and those who identify as trans or non-binary to audition for all roles even though the below descriptions use particular pro nouns.

Director: Dean Drieberg

Designer: Jodi Hope

Dates: Auditions: 4th December Rehearsals: 11th – 24th March Bump-in/Tech: 25th March Performances: 26th, 27th, 28th March

Venue: Chapel off Chapel


TONY WENDICE Ex Tennis Pro who’s career has ended and has become jaded and jilted although he hides this well behind a veneer of charm. Did he once love Margot or did he marry her for her wealth? He is extremely arrogant and self confident but always plays cool and calm. He is very certain that he can get away unscathed with being the mastermind of the crime. Must be able to perform a 1950s English accent (see England 1 at dialectsarchive.com). Age: 25 – 45

MARGOT WENDICE Margot is married to Tony and has had an affair with Mark. Her relationship with Tony has gone cold but she is determined to end things with Mark and be committed to a life with Tony. She is charming and graceful. We see her as naive and demure but as the story progresses we see her power and strength. She is no damsel in distress. Must be able to perform a 1950s English accent (see England 1 at dialectsarchive.com). Age: 25 – 45

MARK HALLIDAY A crime writer, in love with Margot. Highly likeable, charismatic, energetic, intelligent and determined. He will do anything to help Margot and would like her to leave Tony for him. He is an expert on murder mysteries and believes he can solve the crime with tactics used in his stories. Must be able to perform a 1950s Mid-Atlantic/American accent. Age: 25 – 35

CAPTAIN LESGATE/C.A SWANN & INSPECTOR HUBBARD These two roles will be played by the same actor. Lesgate/Swann is a criminal with a shady past. He is shifty and opportunistic. He is easily blackmailed into becoming Tony’s accomplice to murder Margot. Hubbard is the policeman working on the case. He is attentive and tactful but also slightly eccentric. Must be able to perform a 1950s English accent (see England 1 at dialectsarchive.com). Age: 35 – 45

Remuneration: This production will be a profit share split across the 6 creatives involved. Each individual involved will receive one sixth of the net box office takings.

Please submit your headshot and actor CV and specify which role you are interested in to [email protected] before 25th November 2019.

If you are unavailable to attend the audition date, we will also be accepting self-tapes.