April 23, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – April 24, 2018 @ 10:00 pm
Decoration Day

Production Team

Director: Laura Thomas
Musical Director: Trevor Thomas
Stage Manager: TBA
Choreographer: Joshua Cetin
Assistant Director: Benjamin Samuel
Costumes: Jessica Lee
Lighting Design: Adelaide Harney

Production Dates:
Tech rehearsal: 3rd of October, 2018
Dress rehearsal: 4th of October, 2018
Show: 5-6th of October, 2018
*At the Alan Ross Centre, Billanook College, Mooroolbark

Audition Information

First Audition: Monday 23rd of April, 2018, Lilydale Seniors Centre, from 7pm-10pm
Second Audition: Tuesday 24th of April, 2018, Lilydale Seniors Centre, from 7pm-10pm
Callback/Dance Call: Saturday 28th of April, 2018, Kilsyth Memorial Hall, from 1-5pm

*Rehearsal days will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7-10pm, in Montrose and Saturdays, 1-5pm, in Lilydale
*Please email [email protected] to book an audition slot. Include which character you are interested in being considered for and attach a headshot and performance CV in your initial email.

It’s 1941, and English student Sarah is starting at a new school in San Francisco, USA. The following day will be Decoration Day and the senior students are gleefully celebrating the approaching holiday. Sarah, however, has seen a less carefree side to life, having survived The Blitz in London. The students at Bridgeman College endure personal struggles, find love and friendship and try to navigate the tricky transition from childhood to adulthood but are only left reeling when later that same year, Pearl Harbor hits Hawaii and changes everything.


SARAH    Lead. British. Attending her first day at Bridgeman College in San Francisco, USA. During the Blitz in London, England, Sarah was evacuated to America and separated from her parents. (F, stage age: 17, Soprano)

PAUL    Lead. American. Paul is disillusioned with his father, Harrison’s, post-war reclusive behaviour. Paul is a senior in high school and in the second act is faced with the dilemma of whether to enlist or not. Romantic interest of Sarah. (M, stage age: 18, Tenor)

JOSEPH    Lead. American. Best friend and neighbors with Hiroshi. Joseph is the baseball star at school. Typical all-American boy. Joseph’s mother runs the PTA.  (M, stage age: 18, Baritone)

JOAN    Lead. American. Paul’s twin sister. Head of the Bridgeman Journalistic Society. Joan holds very different views over their father’s behaviour. (F, stage age: 18, Mezzo-Soprano)

THOMAS    Supporting. American Accent. Thomas becomes interested in Sarah. Picked on by Wally, Thomas develops his sense of self throughout the play. (M, stage age: 18, Tenor)

HIROSHI    Supporting. American Japanese. Joseph’s neighbor and long-time childhood friend. He and his family are later interned by the American government. (M, stage age 17, Baritone)

WALTER “WALLY”    Supporting. American. The school bully, Wally often antagonizes Thomas, and later Hiroshi, he fears what he doesn’t understand. (M, Stage age: 18, Baritone)

BETTY    Supporting. American. The unofficial leader of ‘the trio’. She is sassy and concerned with popularity. (F, stage age 17, Soprano)

BARBARA    Supporting. Part of the trio. Wants to be a hostess. (F, stage age 18, Mezzo-Soprano)

SHIRLEY        Supporting. Wants to be a scientist. (F, stage age 18, Alto)

PATRICIA    Supporting. Sarah’s best friend. Caring and kind. (F, stage age 18)

MARK        Supporting. Paul’s friend. (M, stage age 18)

RANDALL        Supporting. Paul’s friend. (M, stage age 18)

FATHER    Cameo. American. Paul and Joan’s father. He is a WWI veteran with undiagnosed PTSD. (M, Tenor)

MOTHER    Cameo. Head of the PTA. She is concerned with the morality, safety and achievement of her son and his classmates. (F, Soprano)

LITTLE SISTER    Cameo. Japanese American. Hiroshi’s younger sister. (F, stage age 5-8)

GYM TEACHER    Secondary school Gym teacher. (M)

MATHS TEACHER     Secondary school Math teacher. (F)

*Please prepare two contrasting songs that show off your range, musicality and acting ability. Bring in pop musical theatre songs and jazz numbers.
*You may also be asked to cold read a short scene during the audition
*Please bring sheet music in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided. No backing tracks or acapella.
*If you are called back on Saturday you will need to participate in the dance call. Please wear appropriate footwear and clothes that you can move in.