May 5, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Written by Dee Gatgens-Johnson.
Dee Johnson Entertainment and The Really Thoughful Company present:
A new musical that sends up Australia’s very own Royal Family and Deanna, Princess of New South Wales particularly. The story of Deanna’s life and loves and one extraordinary night that changed the life of no ordinary princess forever.


The show will open on October the 5th and run each Friday and Saturday night throughout October 2018 at The Royal Exchange Theatre on lovely Bolton Street, uptown Newcastle.


Are you an actor (male or female) in your thirties, forties, fifties or sixties, able to hold a tune, and wanting to be part of Australia’s Royal Household?


Auditions will be held on Saturday May the 5th between 10am to 4PM.
See our website deannathemusical.com for our production story so far.
Irving: a professional assistant to Princess Deanna – a man in his late thirties to forties.
Dame Doctor Lady Glad Spender: Deanna’s mother and mega-star of stage and screen – a woman in her fifties to sixties.
Lord Ernest Spender: Deanna’s father and a mega-star of stage and screen – a man in his fifties to sixties.
Prince Gustav: Prince Consort to the Queen, father of Prince Bruce – a man in his fifties to sixties.
Stephanie: the Royal Family’s Fairy Godmother, who until her recent sex change was the Royal Family’s Godfather – a man in his forties to fifties.
Christina: a woman who does the voiceovers during the show – her age doesn’t matter.
Carl: a professional assistant to the Fairy Godmother – a man in his thirties to forties.
Jean: professional assistant to Lord Ernest and Lady Glad, an actor who can speak with a French accent – a man in his thirties, forties or fifties.
Henry: professional assistant to Prince Gustav – a man in his thirties, forties or fifties.
Women Who Asks A Question: female actor – her age doesn’t matter.
Bejewelled Woman: a female actor – her age doesn’t matter.
Chorus: eight actors who can clap, sing and do a simple line dance.