May 25, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – May 27, 2019 @ 10:30 pm

Strathmore Theatrical Arts Group

Children of the Wolf by John Peacock

Directed by Michele Haywood


Performance Dates: 15 to 24 August

Audition Dates: Saturday 25 May   2pm / Monday 27 May 7.30pm

Contact: Michele Haywood – 0413 692 283

[email protected]


This chilling, unusual play takes as its influence from the myth of Romulus and Remus.
Twins Robin and Linda were given up for adoption shortly after birth by their mother Helena. Years later, on their 21st birthday, they lure Helena to a derelict building on the pretext that she will be meeting her lover, Michael. The reality is rather different.


Cast of Characters

Helena Vincent – 40 – 50 – very well spoken, elegant and impeccably groomed, she is self centred and has made a very comfortable life for herself and is used to getting her own way. The actor must be able to move from self-possessed to an emotional wreck through the course of the action.

Robin 21 yo male – dominated by his twin sister, he is weak and needs to be likeable, he wants to please.


Linda 21 yo female – charming, dominating and needs to be able to switch between rational and crazy within the space of a few sentences and then back again as if nothing has happened.


All characters need upper class British accents

This is a strong dramatic piece which has violence and sexual violence so the actors will need to be prepared to be very physical with each other.


The auditions will be open auditions so everyone will need to arrive at the same time. They will be given parts of the script on the night to rehearse and then read.


Audtionees will also be required to prepare a piece to present at the audition  -this will be given to you at the time of booking your audition


Rehearsals, 1 to 2 weeknights per week and 1 weekend afternoon. More closer to performance.  Days agreed based on cast availability.

Venue, STAG theatre, Strathmore

Please contact the director to schedule an audition.