June 18, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – June 25, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

For our 15th Anniversary, Fab Nobs Theatre Inc. is very proud to present Chicago The Musical in October-November 2017. Chicago tells the story of two murderesses, Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, set against the lively backdrop of jazzy, boozy, corrupt and fame-obsessed 1920’s America.




Director – Owen James
Choreographer – Robert Mullholland
Musical Director – Sally McKenzie
Production Manager – Jennifer Pacey
Assistant Director – Kat Elliot 
Assistant Production Manager – Steven McKenzie
Lighting Designer – Jason Bovaird
Sound Designer – Peter Philp



‌• Dance call – Sunday 18th June (from 6:30pm) *compulsory

‌• Individual vocal auditions – Tuesday 20th, Thursday 22nd or Friday 23rd June (from 7:00pm)

‌• Callbacks (upon invitation) – Sunday 25th June (from 6:30pm)

‌• Tuesday evenings, 7:30pm to 10:30pm (beginning 11th July)
‌• Thursday evenings, 7:30pm to 10:30pm (beginning 20th July)
‌• Sunday afternoons, 1:00pm to 5:00pm (beginning 23rd July)

‌• Rehearsal weekend, 10:00am to 5:00pm Sat 23rd & Sun 24th September

‌• Production week – Cast must be available for all evenings from 23rd October until opening night on 27th October

‌• Performances – 27th October to 11th November (potential extension until 18th November)



To book an audition, please email [email protected] with the following information:

Phone number:
Age in October 2017:
Preferred vocal audition night(s):
Available for dance call on Sunday 18th June evening? (Y or N):
Role(s) you are auditioning for:

You will receive a confirmation email with your dance call and vocal audition times.

‌• Will be run in large groups lasting approximately 1 hour (start time will be allocated)
‌• Location – Kim Annette Dance School, 1/3 Woodbine crt, Wantirna South
‌• Women please wear fitted dance wear (i.e leggings / leotard) and character shoes.
‌• Men please wear appropriate dance wear.

The ensemble are involved in numerous dance numbers throughout Chicago, largely in the style of Broadway jazz – in particular Fosse.

‌• Prepare 2 songs – one in the style of the show, and one showcasing your vocal versatility and storytelling skills. Each song should be no more than 2 minutes. There will be an audition pianist provided – please provide sheet music in a display folder, in the correct key and with any cuts/changes clearly marked. iPads and tablets will not be accepted. You are welcome to bring your own accompanist if you wish.
‌• Cold reads – there will be cold reads of monologues and/or short scenes. Please familiarise yourself with the style of dialogue in the show.
‌• Location – The Fab Factory, 33 Industry Place, Bayswater.
‌• Please arrive 10 minutes before your start time to fill out additional paperwork. Any rehearsal unavailability must be clearly stated in the section of the form provided.
‌• Bring a non-returnable headshot and CV detailing previous theatrical experience and training.

Please note:
‌• For our records, the audition may be filmed.
‌• If accepted into the cast, memberships and show fees total $100, payable within the first month of rehearsals. Cast will also be expected to provide or purchase character shoes in line with costume and production design.

We are looking for levels of high energy, especially physical, and the ability to perform material with accurate comedic timing. Our leads and ensemble will be formed of strong character actors, with high levels of dance and vocal ability where required.

Please note that this is an unpaid opportunity.



Fab Nobs supports colourblind casting and welcomes performers of all genders, nationalities, body type and adult ages to audition for Chicago. Please note all age brackets listed below determine ideal stage age.

Roxie Hart: Female aged 25-50 (Range: Mezzo-Soprano, F3-B4)
‌• An aspiring performer who will do anything to be in the spotlight. Murders her lover Fred Casely and pursues fame through her ensuing trial-by-media. Roxie will be a confident performer with mesmerising vocals and an excellent sense for comedy.

Velma Kelly: Female aged 25-50 (Range: Alto, E3-D5)
‌• A self-absorbed vaudeville performer with many faces. Accused of murdering her sister and husband, her blunt determination to win defines her every move. Velma must be an actress with training in dance and skill in physical comedy.

Billy Flynn: Male aged 40+ (Range: Baritone, Bb2-G4)
‌• A masterful but costly Chicago lawyer, known for his dazzling skill and manipulation of media and jury alike in defending female murderesses. Aware of his value to desperate women, the confident Billy will both charm and repulse our audience.

Amos Hart: Male aged 30-50 (Range: Baritone, C3-F#4)
‌• Although ignored and forgotten, kind-hearted and innocent Amos will do anything for others. As husband to Roxie Hart, he helps her dispite the circumstances. Amos will have comic timing and a surprisingly beautiful voice when finally revealed in the second act. Minimal dance skills required.

Matron “Mama” Morton: Female aged 35+ (Range: Alto, F#3-Bb4)
‌• Sassy and self-serving, the corrupt Mama Morton keeps her friends close but enemies closer. As head of Cook County Jail, her command of others and powerful stage presence will shape the characterisation of this authority figure. Minimal dance skills required.

Mary Sunshine: Male / Female aged 30+ (Range: Countertenor / Soprano, Bb3-Bb5)
‌• A reporter from the Evening Star who will believe whatever she believes her readers want to believe. Mary Sunshine will be a character actor / actress with a high top range, and prepared for a challenge. No dance skills required, but a sense of movement and physicality is crucial for our take on this character.

Female ensemble: Aged 18-50
‌• We are looking for a total of six talented triple-threats to play the other five Merry Murderesses (Liz, Annie, June, Hunyak and Mona), and Go-To-Hell Kitty. These performers will double as other characters and parts throughout the show. All six must be highly capable of the choreography challenges Chicago will present, vocally strong, and be strong individual actors prepared to work within a tight ensemble.

Male ensemble: Aged 18-50
‌• Our male ensemble will feature four strong male dancers, singers and actors, and a fifth performer who will play multiple minimal parts throughout the show (will also ideally be a dancer). Male ensemble must be highly capable of the choreography challenges Chicago will present, vocally strong, and be strong individual actors prepared to work within a tight ensemble.

Older male: Aged 30+
‌• This performer will play multiple small parts throughout the show, including Sergeant Fogarty and the Judge. Non-dancing and non-singing, this performer will be a strong actor, able to perform comedic characters as well as straight roles.

Thank you for your interest in CHICAGO. We are looking forward to meeting you. Hopefully all the information you need is contained above, but if you have any further questions please feel free to email[email protected].