January 31, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – February 2, 2018 @ 10:30 am
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers season Dates
 Friday 11th May 8pm      Friday 18th May 8pm
Saturday 12th May 8pm      Saturday 19th May 3pm
Sunday 13th May 3pm        Saturday 19th May 8pm
Venue:- Cranbourne Community Theatre

Production Team
Director – Colin Armstrong
Musical Director – Phill Scanlon

Blood Brothers – Audition Requirements

·       Auditions by appointment only
·       Each Auditionee will have up to 10 minutes.
·       Prepare 2 songs that present your range, characterisation in the style of the show. One Up-tempo and 1 Ballad is preferred. Please choose an             appropriate starting point in your song you may not be required to sing the full song.
·       Piano Accompaniment is provided. No unaccompanied auditions will be accepted. Own accompanist is permitted.
·       Please ensure your sheet music is clear and legible, and marked with specific cuts, repeat marks and instructions clearly highlighted and is in the  correct key. No transposition will be done.
·       Backing tracks are permitted but please provide sheet music in the key you are performing. No backing vocals on any recorded tracks.
·       Part of your audition may involve range extension and vocal testing.
·       Sheet music is available online at http://www.musicnotes.com or http://www.sheetmusicplus.com and can be easily printed via these websites.
·       You may be required to read from a script for different characters.
·       Please ensure any unavailability is clearly listed on your audition form.
Blood Brothers – Characters
( Ages are a guide to look on stage, not the actual age of the performer )

MRS. JOHNSTONE (MOTHER): Female, 30s (Range: Mezzo Soprano, F3-C5) – Original Mother of Mickey and Edward. After her husband walks out on her, she is left to take care of her children. Constantly trying to do what is best. Gets a job as a maid to support her children. While she tries her best, she cannot escape the society she has been born into.
NARRATOR: Male, Age Flexible (Range: Rock Tenor, G3-G4) – “Did y’ hear the story of the Johnstone twins?” Takes the audience through the important sections of the story. Truthful, yet ominous at times.
MRS. LYONS: Female, 30s (Range: Mezzo Soprano, B3-D5) – Mrs. Johnstone’s employer. Kind with good intentions but puts herself first — no matter the cost. Adopts Edward out of desperation towards her own insecurities. A compulsive liar who gets in over her head.
MR. LYONS: Male, 30-40 (Range: Ensemble) – Proper Gentleman from the upper class. Is tricked into thinking his wife has had a child while he was on an extended business trip. Constantly busy, and leaves the homely responsibilities up to his wife.
MICKEY: Male, Plays 7-20s (Range: Bari Tenor, D3-E4) – Blood Brother raised in the poor part of town by Mrs. Johnstone. Has less opportunities because of his impoverished upbringing. Always likeable but a victim of his circumstance.
EDWARD: Male, Plays 7-20s (Range: Tenor, D3-A4) – Blood Brother raised in the upper class by Mrs. Lyons. Grows up with a privileged life due to his foster parents. Great friend to Mickey.
SAMMY: Male, Plays 7-20s (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible) – Mickey’s Brother. A bully and a bad influence on Mickey. Constantly a trouble maker.
LINDA: Female, Plays 7-20s (Range: Ensemble/Part Flexible) – A lovely girl from the neighborhood. Finds the attention of both Mickey and Edward.
Ensemble – Milk Man, Gynacologist, Catalogue Man, Finance Man, Children, Policemen, Neighbours, Wedding Guests, Doleites, Councillors, Nurses, Judge. 4 – 6 People in total.
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