September 10, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – September 11, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

by Willy Russell

Director: Bruce Akers


  • Sunday September 10, from 6:30pm
  • Monday September 11, from 7:00pm


November 17- December 2, 2017

Weeknights and Saturdays at 8:00pm; Sunday matinees at 2:00pm

Note: The final Saturday, December 2 has two performances: at 2:00 pm and at 8:00 pm


Blood Brothers is the tale of twin brothers born into a large working-class family in Liverpool, England and what happens when their mother decides to have one of them adopted.

The play looks at the differences and conflicts of their upbringings, their relationships with each other and with their real and adopted mothers.

Note: This is the Play version (not the Musical version).


  • 3 Males ( 2 x20s-early 30s, 1 x 30+)
  • 3 Females ( 1 x20s-early30s, 2 x late 30s-40s)
  • chorus


(Please note that ages are indicative only)

  • Edward: 20s- early 30s. (ages 7-25 in the play). Actor required to play Edward at various ages during the play. Speaks with refined accent. Twin brother to Mickey, given away by mother to well-to-do Lyons family. Attends the best boarding school. Earnest and sheltered. Delighted to and befriend Mickey. Open and optimistic.
  • Mickey: 20s- early 30s. (ages 7-25 in the play). Actor required to play Mickey at various ages during the play. Speaks with Liverpool accent. Twin brother to Edward, raised by his mother in relative poverty. A fiery character, he is nevertheless good-natured and well meaning. He is subject to periods of depression.
  • The Mother (Mrs Johnstone) the real mother of Edward and Mickey: late 30s- 40s (ages 25- 50 in the play). Speaks with Liverpool accent. Single mother of seven. Compassionate and determined. Naturally maternal but can act on impulse as opposed to thinking carefully over the consequences of her actions. Superstitious. Actor must be able to carry a tune, as Mother sings unaccompanied at the beginning of the play.
  • Mrs Lyons, who adopts Edward: late 30s- 40s. (ages 30-55 in the play). Speaks with refined accent. Upper class wife from a world of privilege, desperate to have a baby. Unhealthy obsession with protecting Edward from the truth.
  • Linda, friend of Mickey and Edward: 20s-early 30s. (ages 7-25 in the play). Actor required to play Linda at various ages during the play. Grows up in the same neighbourhood as the Johnstone family. In love with Mickey. A lovely and caring person.
  • Narrator – also plays The Milkman, The Doctor, The Policeman, The Conductor and others: Male – 30s plus. Observes and comments on the action of the play and at various times steps into the story as various characters. A cross between a storyteller and a moral commentator.
  • Chorus – as required. Will be used as and when needed. Small parts (to be decided), filling out scenes, setting up and dismantling scenes onstage.
    – Includes the part of Sammy (the elder brother to the twins). 20s-30s. A troublemaker all his life. Not a large part. Speaks with a Liverpool accent.
    – Also, school mates etc.
    – A perfect opportunity to obtain valuable on-stage experience.

Audition Details:

  • Location: 36 Turnham Ave, Rosanna, Vic (opp. Rosanna Stn.)
  • Accents – The play is set in and around Liverpool, England. Accents from that region will be used.
  • Scripts – Available at the theatre 30 minutes prior to each audition.
  • AUDITIONS BY APPOINTMENT: For audition appointment, or for other queries, contact Bruce Akers on [email protected] or 0432 984 781
  • Auditionees, please bring a recent headshot and a brief CV of your recent stage experience.


  • Rehearsals will commence the last week of September.
    There will be two weeknight rehearsals – possibly Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 pm (to be confirmed) plus Sunday afternoon from 1:00 pm.
  • Blood Brothers show page: http://htc.org.au/plays/2017/5bbs.html
  • Performance dates/times: 8.00 pm on Nov 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30 & Dec 1, 2.
    00 pm on Nov 19, 26 & Dec 2.
  • Day of last performance Dec 2 has two shows, at 2.00 pm and 8.00 pm
  • NOTE: Due to 2017 level-crossing-removal works at Rosanna Station, parking outside the theatre is limited. Douglas Street, near the theatre, has off-street parking