December 10, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – December 16, 2017 @ 12:30 pm
StageArt proudly presents the professional premiere
bare The Musical 
By Jon Hartmere and Damon Intrabartolo
March 20 – April 15 2018 Chapel Off Chapel
Executive Producers 
Katherine Armstrong & Robbie Carmellotti 

A pulsating, electric contemporary rock musical, bare follows a group of students at a Catholic boarding school as they grapple with issues of sexuality, identity, and the  future. Peter and Jason have fallen in love with each other, but Jason a popular athlete fears losing his status if he is discovered to be gay. Unpopular Nadia, Jason’s sister, is contemptuous of Ivy, a beautiful girl with a questionable reputation. As the group attempts to put up a production of Romeo and Juliet, tensions flare, self-doubt simmers, and God’s path seems more difficult to find than ever. bare rings with the sounds of youthful repression and revolt. With a unique sung-through pop score, heart-pounding lyrics, and a cast of bright young characters, bare is a provocative, fresh, and utterly honest look at growing up in the 21st century.


We are seeking a cast of twelve youthful, energetic performers and three adults  who are all solid actors with strong contemporary pop/rock voices. We strongly  encourage people of all nationalities to audition as we will cast roles in a colour  blind format with some roles specifically requiring non-caucasian performers.

Peter (Lead): Male, 18-25
In love with Jason and desperately wants to come out but feels the pressure of  his Catholic upbringing. Attractive, a look of innocence but troubled, must be  believable as an 18-­year-­old boy. Strong, emotive actor. Potential partial nudity  but not compulsory. Pop/rock tenor, up to an A.

Jason (Lead): Male, 18-25
Golden boy and most popular student, jock, valedictorian, also Peter’s  closeted roommate and lover. Attractive, masculine and athletic, must look like  a senior in high school. Potential partial nudity but not compulsory. Strong  actor. Pop/rock tenor, up to an A.

Ivy (Lead): Female, 18-25
The pretty, popular, but insecure girl; desperately in love with Jason. Very  attractive, can be a bitch, but also has a softer side, a neediness to be loved  and accepted. Potential partial nudity but not compulsory. Mezzo, with pop/ rock belt to E flat.

Nadia (Lead): Female, 18-25
Jason’s sharp-tongued twin sister; she is cynical but strong. Should be  physically bigger than Ivy; needs to be unafraid and uninhibited; great with  sarcasm and comedy. Preferably able to play Cello. Mezzo, with pop/rock belt  up to C.

Matt (Supporting): Male, 18-25
Slightly socially awkward, needs to show a desperate school boy crush. Pop/ rock bari-tenor, up to G.

Lucas (Supporting): Male, 18-25
Drug dealer; can be a bit loose but also needs to be a Catholic school boy;  must be able to rap.

Claire (Supporting): Female, 40-55
Peter’s mother who is caring but in complete denial; loves her son dearly, but  can’t face the truth of his sexuality. Should look believable as mother to an 18  year old. Mezzo, with belt to C.

*Artists wanting to be considered for this role will attend the open call  audition, but you are only required to to attend the singing element as no  dance is required.

Priest (Supporting): Male, 40-70
Brilliant and learned man; must be able to look like an older middle-aged  character; in his blind­sided brilliance, he is closed minded to the needs of his  students and holds true to the needs of the church; Bari-tenor up to G.

*Artists wanting to be considered for this role will attend the open call  audition, but you are only required to to attend the singing element as no  dance is required.

Sister Chantelle (Supporting): Female, 25+
The school’s sassy, no-nonsense drama teacher. Great with comedy; needs to  own the room every time she’s in it; does not tolerate incompetence or failure;  expects the best from her students; at times she’s very crass, but she’s also a  Nun. Has a Diva moment in the show – Beyonce/Diana Ross style. Preferably  cast as a non-caucasian/person of colour. mezzo/soprano, must be  comfortable riffing/vocal ad lib and gospel singing.

Students (Ensemble): 17-25
PLEASE NOTE: All students should have plenty of experience holding vocal  harmonies. All cast members should be confident being the only person on a  vocal part. All must have strong pop/rock vocal sound with large ranges and  must be intermediate to advance dancers in commercial jazz and  contemporary styles.

Zack: Plays basketball with Lucas and Jason; attractive and athletic, but a  slacker in school; too overly focused on his sports competitions.

Alan: Also plays basketball with the guys; good student, has a ton of trouble  getting dates; he’s a little socially weird, but always means well; doesn’t have  to be too athletic.

Diane Lee: Role is written for an Asian girl, preferably cast as a non- caucasian/person of colour, but mostly looking for a girl with solid comedic  timing; should also be able to pull off a nerdy goody-­goody type.

Kyra and Tanya: close friends, picture the two of them as Mean Girls. Bitchy  and sassy, not the brightest girls in school. Also perform as back up singers for  Sister Chantelle – think Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Rory: Super nerdy and very into her religious studies; takes her education and  career very seriously; also takes Romeo & Juliet very seriously.


Executive Producers Katherine Armstrong & Robbie Carmellotti
Director – Dean Drieberg
Musical Director – Caleb Garfinkel
Choreographer – Kirra Sibel
Also present may be Company Manager, Alex Guérin and Stage Manager Lauren  Rosato


Sunday December 10  Open Call Audition – Groups from 3pm
Monday December 11  Solo Auditions – From 10am – 3:30pm
Tuesday December 12   Solo Auditions – From 2pm – 10:30pm
Wednesday December 13  Solo Auditions – If required
Thursday December 14   Solo Auditions – If required
Saturday December 16    Call Backs and Casting – from 12:30pm


StageArt runs a unique audition process designed to give opportunities to everyone  in a non-biased manner. This is a relaxed environment and allows artists to mix with  the creative team in a workshop manner.

All prospective cast members attend an open call audition, which requires them to  learn a section of a song and then perform it for the panel as well as a dance  routine. From this open call, the panel selects candidates to attend solo auditions.

Those who have been successful in gaining a solo audition now are given an  appointment with the panel. You will be asked to prepare a maximum of 24 bars of  two contrasting pop/rock or contemporary music theatre songs that best  demonstrate your vocal range and ability. You may also be asked to perform a cold  reading in the audition.

* You may sing songs from the show, but please bring the sheet music

* Please bring all sheet music in the correct key and in an appropriate folder

* Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your audition time

* No backing tracks or a cappella

* An accompanist will be provided


The final stage is to see every potential cast member in their potential role against all other candidates. Information will be given to all candidates at the same time.


January 2018 Rehearsals
Sunday 21: 10 – 5 , Tuesday 23: 7 – 10:30 , Thursday 25: 7 – 10:30 , Sunday 28: 10 – 5
Tuesday 30: 7 – 10:30

February 2018 Rehearsals 
Thursday 1: 7 – 10:30 , Saturday 3: 1 – 6 , Sunday 4: 10 – 5 , Tuesday 6: 7 – 10:30 , Thursday 8: 7 –  10:30 , Saturday 10: 1 – 6 , Sunday 11: 10 – 5 , Tuesday 13: 7 – 10:30 , Thursday 15: 7 – 10:30,  Saturday 17: 1 – 6 , Sunday 18: 10 – 5 , Tuesday 20: 7 – 10:30 , Thursday 22: 7 – 10:30 , Saturday  24:1 – 6 , Sunday 25: 10 – 5 , Tuesday 27: 7 – 10:30

March 2018 Rehearsals 
Thursday 1: 7 – 10:30 , Saturday 3: 1 – 6 , Sunday 4: 10 – 5 , Tuesday 6: 7 – 10:30 , Thursday 8: 7 –  10:30 , Saturday 10: 1 – 6 , Sunday 11: 10 – 5

*Rehearsal dates and times may change, this is a guide only. 

March 2018 – Tech week 
Tuesday 13 – Bump In (no cast)
Wednesday March 14 – LX plot (no cast)
Thursday March 15 – Plot/Tech walk through  (Cast to be available from 12pm)
Friday March 16 – Tech Run  (Cast to be available from 12pm)
Saturday March 17 – Dress run (Cast to be available from 12pm)
Sunday March 18 – Tech work as req Dress run (Cast to be available from 12pm)
Monday March 19 -(No cast required)

2018 Performance Dates

Tuesday March 20 Dress Run (in afternoon) &
Preview Performance  7:30pm – Call time 12pm
Wednesday March 21 Opening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Thursday March 22  Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Friday March 23  Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Saturday March 24 Matinee Performance  1:30pm – Call time 12pm
Saturday March 24 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Sunday March 25 Afternoon Performance  4pm – Call time 2:30pm
Wednesday March 28 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Thursday March 29 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm

Friday March 30  Good Friday NO SHOW
Saturday March 31 Easter Saturday NO SHOW
Sunday April 1 Easter Sunday NO SHOW
Monday April 2 Easter Monday NO SHOW


Wednesday April 4 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Thursday April 5 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Friday April 6 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Saturday April 7 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Sunday April 8 Matinee Performance  1:30pm – Call time 12pm
Sunday April 9 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Wednesday April 11 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Thursday April 12 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Friday April 13 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Saturday April 14 Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm

Potential Performance Dates: 
Tuesday April 3  Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Saturday April 7  Matinee Performance  1:30pm Call time 12pm
Tuesday April 10  Evening Performance  7:30pm – Call time 6pm
Saturday April 14  Matinee Performance  1:30pm Call time 12pm
Sunday April 15  Matinee Performance  1:30pm Call time 12pm

The show will be performed with a live band of 5, Keys 1 & 2, Bass, Guitar and  Drums

StageArt is an independent production company working with artists in a non-equity  (MEAA) capacity as sub contractors. All artists involved receive an equal  honorarium payment at the conclusion of the production regardless of profit to loss. All artists also receive a bonus honourarium of if minimum sales are reached.

*All details provided once registration is confirmed.

* Artists are not required to pay any show fees or memberships.

* Cast members are allocated x2 complimentary tickets to the preview performance


All cast may be required to attend media calls at short notice. We will give you as  much notice as possible but at times this could be as late as 24hours.


StageArt is an independent theatre institution owned and managed by recognized  arts professionals, Katherine Armstrong and Robbie Carmellotti. In its fifth year of  operation, the company has grown significantly and continues to break the barriers  of expectations and is surging forward within the industry. StageArt prioritizes  producing works which mainstream producers will not risk presenting, with an  emphasis on providing opportunities to all Australian artists and creatives with no  restriction on race, gender, sexuality or disability.

Executive Producers of all productions; Robbie Carmellotti and Katherine  Armstrong 

2018 bare The Musical
2017 The Australasian premiere of MEMPHIS
2017 The Victorian professional Premiere of SPRING AWAKENING
2016 The Australasian premiere of THE COLOR PURPLE
2016 The London chamber revival of TITANIC THE MUSICAL
2016 Return season of IN THE HEIGHTS
2016 The West End revival of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER
2015 The Australian Premiere of DREAMGIRLS
2015 The World Premiere of StageArt created A SUPER BRADY CABARET 2015  The Australian Premiere of IN THE HEIGHTS
2014 Victorian Tour of HAIR
2014 StageArt created KING OF THE WORLD
2013 HAIR Summer Of Love – Melbourne Season
2013 StageArtXposed New Arts Festival: (Sugartown, Rumour Has It, Life Of Piath,  Swan Dive, Wild Eagles Fly Alone, Melba, Flying High, Girls Uninterupted)
2012 StageArt created Grease 2: Live In Concert, Return Season
2012 StageArt created Matalor: A Hard Rock Dance Opera
2011 StageArt created Grease 2: Live In Concert World Premiere


Staying true to our initial motto of ‘Putting The Spotlight On Australian Talent’,
StageArt has now grown in a manner that allows them to produce musicals of  mainstream appeal that attract audiences from all around Australia. After producing  seventeen productions we can proudly say that we have lived up to our founding  mission and expanded our trademark to ‘produce shows which corporate producers  will not consider due to financial risks’.

We are proudly independent and solely funded by Executive Producers Robbie  Carmellotti and Katherine Armstrong and that gives us the strength to be true to our  commitment to the arts without being answerable or accountable to third parties  who may have unaligned interests.

StageArt is a smoke, drug and alcohol free company, encouraging all who work with  us to enjoy a healthy experience. We have zero tolerance for bullying, racism,  sexism, ageism or ableism and we pride ourselves (where possible) in casting our  shows with a colour blind mindset, via an open call environment where everyone  has a chance to succeed.

BARE Cast Recording on Spotify 


Please direct any questions directly to:
Company Manager Alex Guérin via: [email protected]


With our open door casting, we welcome all artists to attend the open call audition,  which will be a relaxed, workshop style session with the creative team. 

1. Please download this document and make sure you are familiar with the show  and the roles.
2. Complete the online registration form via: bit.ly/bareAuditionRegistrations