May 10, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – May 17, 2017 @ 7:30 pm


August Osage County is a black comedy telling the story of the dysfunctional Weston family.  When their patriarch vanishes, the Weston clan must return to their three story family home in rural Oklahoma to get to the heart of the matter.  With rich insight and brilliant humour, the author paints a vivid portrait of a Midwestern family at a turning point.

All auditions will consist of a reading of a scripted piece from the play (which will be supplied) and a short improvisation.


Please note that the ages are stage ages and should not be taken as expected real ages…let the director make that call

Beverley Weston: The father of the Weston family, aged 69, an alcoholic and washed up poet.

Violet Weston: Mother of the Weston family, aged 65, has oral cancer and addicted to her prescription drugs.  She is sharp tongued and shrewd.

Barbara Fordham: She is the oldest daughter of the Weston’s age 46, she wants to save her marriage but has an intense need to control everything around her as it falls apart.

Ivy Weston: She is the middle daughter aged 44, she is the only daughter who stayed in Oklahoma.  A librarian who’s calm and patient exterior hides a passionate woman who is growing cynical.

Karen Weston: The youngest of the Weston girls aged 40, she can talk of little else but her own happiness even at her father’s funeral.  She clearly chooses to lie to herself about her sleazy fiancé Steve.

Bill Fordham: Barbara’s estranged husband and Jean’s father, aged 49.  A college professor who has left his wife for a younger woman but wants  to be there for his family.

Jean Fordham: Bill and Barbara’s smart-tongued 14 year old daughter.  She smokes pot, is a vegetarian, loves old movies and is bitter about her parents separation.  She is also the victim of a molestation by her future uncle Steve.

Steve Heidebrecht: Karen’s fiancé aged 50.   He is a less than straight business man who is not the “perfect man” Karen considers him to be.  He gives Jean marijuana and molests her.

Mattie Fae Aiken:  Violet’s sister and Charlie’s wife, aged 57.  Just as jaded as her sister she has a sharp tongue and constantly antagonises her husband.

Charlie Aiken: Husband to Mattie Fae and presumed father to Little Charles aged 60.  A genial man who was a lifelong friend to Beverley.

“Little” Charles Aiken: Son of Mattie Fae and Beverley, aged 37.  Unemployed and clumsy, his mother calls him a “screw up” which may be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Johnna Monevata:  A Cheyenne Indian woman, aged 26.  Beverley hires her before he disappears against the wishes of Violet.  She wins over the rest of the family with her cooking and hard work.  She is the silent witness to much of the mayhem in the house.

Sheriff Deon Gilbeau:  A high school classmate and former boyfriend of Barbara, aged 47.  He brings the bad news of Beverley’s death to the family.

The audition times are as follows:

Wednesday 10th May 7:30pm – 10:00pm

Monday 15th May : 7:30pm – 10:00pm

Wednesday 17th May: 7:30pm – 10:00pm

Please call the Director Fred Pezzimenti on 0438  581 055 to make an appointment and for all inquiries.

Auditions will be held at Beaumaris Theatre- 82 Wells Road Beaumaris

The season runs from August 18th to Septemebr 2nd and rehearsals will commence in late May.