September 15, 2016 – October 10, 2016 all-day
Drama With A Difference” is one of Australia’s leading, independent drama schools and has been operated for over twenty years. It is the launching pad of many successful actors, many of whom were first seen in one of our productions. This course consists of two sections. Section One begins on Tuesday 18th October 2016 and runs until Tuesday 20th December 2016. Then there is a break over Christmas and New Year. The Second section begins on Tuesday 31 January and runs until 16th April. (These dates include a season of 14 shows). There will be a season of shows in The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, which is a great opportunity for aspiring actors to invite potential agents, casting directors and other industry professionals to view their work. This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to become an actor, but is equally suitable for anyone who simply wants to be a part of a full, theatrical project. We have been running these performance courses in festivals for eight years, and course participants are a mix of people who wish to be actors and others who simply enjoy being involved in such a project. We offer a great deal more than a mere rehearsal schedule. On Tuesday nights, you will be given two hours of acting technique; in this instance it will be in “the method”, and taught in a manner that you can apply to the character that you are playing in the show. The Tuesday night classes take place in Clifton Hill. Rehearsals will be held on Sunday afternoons, but you will not be required all the time. We will make up a schedule of scenes, and you will only be called when your particular scenes are being rehearsed. Therefore, there is room for flexibility – If you know you are not available on a given Sunday, we can work around your commitments if given enough time. We have structured this course so that it fits around a working adults life. All the necessary information is available at the link provided, but please feel free to go right through other parts of our website to understand our history, philosophy, approach and success stories. The link for this course is